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When I was growing up, I literally never got sick.  Never.  The few times I do remember catching something, it was always over a long weekend or extended break from school.  I was sick so little that I never once missed a day of school.

Now that I am a mom, it seems that my immune system decided to take a break.  It’s as if I am making up for lost time by catching so many of the germs that are going around.

Yeah.  No fun.

Thankfully, there is a CVS located right at the entrance of my neighborhood!  Plus, there’s another, complete with a 24 hour pharmacy, not too far down the road.  I love that there is a CVS that close because let’s face it– the cold and flu never strike at a convenient time.  I also really love CVS brand products and they are always significantly cheaper than name brands, so it works out rather nicely for my wallet as well.

My CVS is also equipped with a MinuteClinic.  These awesome walk-in clinics are located within select CVS locations in 28 states and Washington DC.  They are open 7 days a week and keep evening hours, making it much easier to fit a visit into your schedule.

Not to mention, winter time at the doctors office and ER is always more full than normal.  Longer wait times and additional germs to pick up– no thank you.

Another great thing about having a CVS with a MinuteClinic is that it’s like having a one-stop cold and flu shop close by.  I can visit MinuteClinic to vaccinate, diagnosis, treat and prescribe my cold and flu symptoms. Then, I can pick up any medicine that I need before leaving CVS. And maybe some chocolate and ice cream, too… because they make everything feel better.

I wanted to take a minute to talk about the difference between cold and flu because I think it’s something that many people don’t fully understand.

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You can also help to prevent both by washing your hands frequently.  Raileigh loves soaps that smell really good and washes her hands most often when there’s vanilla soap in the house.  So, I keep a bottle of something that smells nice at every sink to encourage her to wash often.

You can also help to prevent the flu by getting a flu shot– which is conveniently available at MinuteClinic, by the way!  If you do happen to catch the flu or a cold, follow the doctors recommendations for your course of treatment and make sure to drink lots of fluids.

Make sure to find out if there is a CVS with a MinuteClinic near you and discover all the ways this awesome one-stop shop can work for you.  I also invite you to connect with MinuteClinic on twitter for more information and tips to stay well this winter.

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