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We are a family that absolutely adores family movie night.  It’s a chance to spend a little quality time together doing something that we all truly enjoy.

There’s one thing that I enjoy even more than movie night– a themed family movie night!  I love to take a popular or favorite element from the movie we’re going to watch and use it to create a delicious meal we can all enjoy.

Recently, we had a really fun movie night while we watched the recently released Smurfs 2.  Raileigh has been asking to see this movie since she saw the billboard advertisement when it was still in theaters.  For some reason or other, we never actually made it to the movies to watch Smurfs 2.

#shop Hefty Chicken Tacos Inspired by Smurfs 2

So, I decided to make it up to her by planning a fun dinner and a movie at home.

I’ll admit– I was totally excited to plan this evening for my family.  I watched Smurfs when I was growing up and it’s fun to see how they’ve evolved and changed over the years.

For our dinner inspiration, I decided to turn to one of my favorite Smurfs characters– Hefty.  He is considered the strongest and bravest Smurf of them all, who’s willing to use his strength to help out his fellow Smurfs. He is easily identified by the heart tattoo on his right upper arm.

#shop Hefty Chicken Tacos Inspiration

Introducing the Hefty Chicken Tacos.  Hefty got his name from his strength and the heavy things he can lift.  I decided to use hefty to mean “Big” and created these overstuffed chicken tacos, filled with all our favorite toppings.  Of course, I had to get Hefty’s signature heart tattoo in there.  So, I cut our tomatoes into heart shapes to use on our tacos.

Want to make our Hefty-inspired chicken tacos?

#shop Hefty Chicken Tacos

Hefty Chicken Tacos


  • Tyson Original Batter Dipped Tenders
  • Soft Tortilla Shells
  • All your favorite taco toppings– we used shredded cheese, lettuce, grilled onions, queso, and guacamole
  • Roma Tomatoes- sliced and cut into hearts

Begin by preparing the Tyson Original batter Dipped Tenders according to package directions.  We found that one tender was a pretty good size to use for one taco.

While your chicken is cooking, take this time to prepare your toppings.  We sauteed our onions in a little extra virgin olive oil and cut the tomatoes.  To make heart shaped tomatoes, I simply sliced a Roma tomato into 1/4″ thick slices.  I then freehanded a heart shape using a knife.  A small heart-shaped cookie cutter would also probably work well.

When the chicken is done, cut it into bite size pieces.

#shop Hefty Chicken Tacos Recipe

Now it’s time to stuff those tacos.  I always add a little shredded cheese and queso first.  Then top that with batter tenders and the rest of the toppings.  I made sure our heart-shaped tomatoes went on top– got to show off the tribute to Hefty!

Your Hefty Chicken Tacos are complete and it’s time to watch Smurfs 2!

Hefty doesn’t appear in Smurfs 2 as much as I had hoped, but it was still fun to watch him in action.  Raileigh is quite smitten with Smurfette, so our next movie night will most likely center around her.

#shop Hefty Chicken Tacos from Tyson

For more fun ideas and more information about Tyson and Smurfs 2, I invite you to connect with them both:


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