From Bump To Baby: Brooklynn is ONE MONTH OLD!


My baby girl is ONE MONTH OLD {as of 11/10/13} – I can hardly believe it!

Brooklynn has changed so much in the past month. She was lifting her head by herself in the hospital — and now she can hold it up by herself! She has quickly gone from fitting in her newborn clothes {although they have always been pretty snug}, to wearing 3 month clothing. She has started smiling at us more often — and we’ve even gotten a couple “coos” out of her!

Although I’m so sad that time has been going by so quickly — I look forward to watching her change over the next days, months, and years!

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  1. joanna garcia says:

    omg she sleeps through the night!? lucky you! i hope i am blessed with that! LOL i love how you profile her progress! beautiful!

  2. Olivia Rubin says:

    My niece was born on October 3. It was a complicated birth that resulted after many hours in an emergency c-section. She was sent to NICU and was healthy enough to be discharged after 3 days.

    She too is long like Brooklynn.

    Love how you spell her name.

  3. 1955nurse says:

    Awww – this is SUCH a amazing time!!! It flew by so fast w/my own Children, & seemed to RACE by w/my 2 Grandkids! Enjoy while you can… all the stages of their lives are wonderful (mostly, LOL!) but this sweet time is so very precious. Best wishes to you & your beautiful family!!!!

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