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There are certain smells that I associate with different holidays and seasons.  Vanilla always makes me think of Christmas time.  It reminds me of cookies baking in the oven– something that happens year-round, but far more frequently this time of year.  The same is true for pine.  The smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree is by far one of my favorite scents.  Speaking of which… I cannot wait to get my tree up!

Moving on.

The sense of smell is such a powerful thing.  It can easily evoke memories and feelings within us– especially as the holidays approach.  Suave®  knows that the holidays are all about different scents– pumpkin pie, fall foliage, turkey dinners.  That’s why Suave® Naturals offers a variety of delicious smelling body washes and body lotions that are perfect for this holiday season!

Have guests coming into town? Stock up the bathroom with Suave® to make them feel right at home.  I tend to pick up several scents at a time so my guests can always find one that they really like to use!  I’m currently loving the Suave® Naturals Cocoa Butter and Shea.

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To make your guests feel really welcome, you could make an inviting basket and leave it on the bathroom counter.

  • A selection of Suave® products in some of the holiday’s very best scents
  • A new loofah… because they’re just awesome
  • Fresh towels laundered with a delicious fabric softener
  • A new toothbrush… because this often gets left at home
  • A candle to light while your guests is getting ready or unwinding for the evening.

Suave® products are available at Walmart so you can get the best value locally and pick up anything else you might need before your holiday guests arrive.

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All this talk of scents has got me curious… what’s your favorite holiday scent?  Share using the hashtag #suavescents and find out what scents others are enjoying as well.

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