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alpha-bits cereal treats

Raileigh began reading when she was just three years old.  Even before that, she has always had an infatuation with letters, words, and spelling.

There are a variety of tools around our home that are perfect for exploring written language.  However, we have a clear favorite that we turn to time and time again.


I love Alpha-Bits because it’s a fun and unique way to create words, identify letters, and explore the alphabet.  Not to mention, it’s a pretty nutritious breakfast and snack option as well.  Per 30 gram serving, Alpha-Bits offers children 20 grams of whole grain and 12 vitamins and nutrients.  Alpha-Bits contains zinc and iron, which support healthy brain development.

alpha-bits cereal treats spelling words

Children are naturally drawn to this letter-shaped cereal.  The shaped pieces help children to become familiar with the letters of the alphabet.  Not to mention, when parents get involved in this learning, there is a good chance it will turn into a beautiful bonding moment.

Here are some simple learning activities you can do with Alpha-Bits next time you sit down to a bowl of cereal with your child:

  • For each bite your child takes, have them identify a letter on their spoon.
  • Look into a fresh bowl of Alpha-Bits, and decide which letter you see the most of.
  • Create a full alphabet made up of Alpha-Bits
  • Work on spelling your child’s name with Alpha-Bits
  • Practice a spelling list or sight words with the letter-shaped cereal
  • Make letter sounds for each cereal piece you eat

Alpha-Bits also lends itself wonderfully to many recipes.  One of our favorites is Alpha-Bits Cereal Bars.  With only three ingredients, this treat is easy to make and just as delicious to eat.  It’s perfect to for little hands to help with.

cereal bars alpha-bits

Alpha-Bits Cereal Bars


  • 3 cups Alpha-Bits Cereal
  • 2 3/4 cups Mini Marshmallows
  • 1.5 tbsp. Butter

Start by greasing an 8″ x 8″ pan.  Set aside.  Melt the butter for about 30 to 45 seconds in the microwave.  Remove, add the marshmallows, and stir to coat them in the melted butter.

Microwave the mixture for 30 seconds, then remove and stir well.  Return the bowl the microwave for another 30 seconds.

After the second 30 seconds, add in the Alpha-Bits cereal.  Mix well, coating the cereal in the melted butter and marshmallow mixture.  When thoroughly mixed, pour the cereal into the prepared pan.  Push the mixture into the pan as evenly as possible.

Allow it to sit for an hour or two to set.

alpha-bits cereal bars pan

That’s it.  You’re all done.  These cereal treats are an awesome snack because they are so much more than just a snack.  When we make these treats, we like to…

  • See who can find the most different letters in their cereal treat square
  • See who has the most of a certain letter in their cereal bar
  • Make the sound associated with the letters in your treat
  • See if you can spell any words within your cereal treat

You can find out more information about Alpha-Bits, including where to find the cereal in a store near you.



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    Thank You for sharing, that is a nice idea on helping the little ones learn their letters, Little guy is just now learning a few, this will make it fun while he is learning them.

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