Beautiful Holiday Styles from OshKosh B’gosh {+ AMAZING Coupon}

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There are certain articles of clothing that are synonymous with my childhood memories.  There’s the pink and white sweater with hearts that I wore on my 4th birthday {the year my mom got a super severe case of poison ivy and my party had to be cancelled}.  There are the colorful array of Coca-Cola shirts that I seemed to wear on every single picture day throughout elementary school.

Then, there are the red corduroy OshKosh overalls.  I wore these one Christmas when I was young and my mom absolutely loved these overalls.  She should– it had taken trips to several malls and numerous stores to track them down.  Apparently every mom in our area wanted to dress their little ones in these highly sought after overalls that holiday season.   When I picture my childhood Christmas memories, it is always with me wearing these overalls.

Now that I am a mother, I really enjoy taking my daughter shopping.  Together, we can choose outfits and accessories that will be a part of the memories she is making of special holiday moments we create as a family.

Most recently, we headed to OshKosh B’gosh to find her some new clothes as the weather quickly transitions from warm summer days to winter.  No– we didn’t pick up a pair of red corduroy overalls.  But, we did find some beautiful clothes that match my daughter’s tastes and personality perfectly.

I let her piece together many of the outfits, a process that we both thoroughly enjoyed.  I was pleased to see that she’s actually quite good at this!  We were able to get some really versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of looks and styles.

Enough talking– want to see what we purchased?

oshkosh b'gosh festive fall TLC Tunic in Solid — Butterfly Leggings {no longer available online}

This Thanksgiving is going to be really, really special.  For the past few years, we’ve lived in South Carolina.  Thanksgiving was spent with our “adopted” family– a few special friends who also lived in a different state than their family.

This year is different, though.

We’re back in Georgia, within an hour or so from all our family.  And– we’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house!  I’ve got an absolutely amazing menu planned and all of my guests are bringing yummy things to eat as well.

oshkosh collage 4

I’ve also been giving a lot of thought to what we’ll wear.  After all, with all the siblings and cousins gathered together, I’m certain pictures will be taken left and right.

The colors of this outfit are absolutely perfect for fall.  And, it is incredibly cozy and comfortable– perfect for eating a big meal and playing with toys and games afterwards.

oshkosh b'gosh pink holiday Pin Dot SkirtSparkle TightsFlower BraceletKnit CardiganShort-Sleeve Embellished Tee

The holidays are full of fun events– trips to see Christmas lights, visits with Santa, and holiday parties with friends and family.  Raileigh loves to get dressed up in special clothes anytime we head out to something festive.

The thing is… I’m not a fan of buying traditional holiday clothing.  It’s got a limited lifespan because the colors and styles are generally associated with the Christmas season.  That being said, I still want Raileigh to have special things to wear to our holiday events.

oshkosh collage 1

The great thing about OshKosh B’gosh is that they have it all.  If traditional holiday outfits are what you desire, you’ll definitely find it there.  However, you’ll also find styles like those we chose, in a fun array of colors.

This fun pink and navy outfit {pieced completely together by Raileigh, I might add} is perfect for all of our holiday functions.  With multiple layers, it can easily transition from indoors to outside.  With cute details such as polka dots and bows and the addition of accessories, it’s an outfit that Raileigh will reach from throughout the holidays and beyond.

oshkosh b'gosh christmas casual Sparkly Tunic in StripesSkinny Jeans- Madison Dark Wash

Every holiday event doesn’t require a dressy outfit.  Sometimes a cute pair of jeans and a top are all you need.

That’s where this festive, yet casual outfit comes in.  With the traditional red color and added sparkles, it’s pretty perfect for the season.  When the Christmas lights hit upon the sparkles, they shine more than ever!

oshkosh collage 5

Additionally, the jeans can transition to pair with almost any top and the skinny legs make they fit well with boots.

If jeans don’t happen to be your thing {only this year has Raileigh decided that she likes them}, you can pair the tunic with leggings as well.  I also picked up a pair of solid black leggings that would look really cute with this sparkly top.

oshkosh b'gosh winter playdate Long-Sleeve OshKosh Originals Graphic TeeTLC Leggings in Print

One of my favorite things about this season is catching up with old friends.  There’s something about the holidays that has a way of creating moments for you to see the ones you care about most.

Play dates are in abundance, making a great time for Raileigh to play and for me to catch up with a friend.

oshkosh collage 3

Times like this necessitate comfy clothes.  After all, play dates mean playing all afternoon.

This cute little outfit from OshKosh B’gosh fits the bill perfectly.  It’s fun, festive, and overall comfortable.  Each piece is also quite versatile and could easily be paired with other things we purchased to create completely different looks.

creative casual Pin Dot SkirtEmbellished MaskTLC Leggings in Print Short-Sleeve Embellished Tee

Over the holidays, we’ll be taking a break from “official” schooling.  However, that doesn’t mean that we’ll really be taking a break.  The truth is that Raileigh and I both love school way too much and I don’t think we could take several weeks off as the public schools in our area do.

This outfit is inspired by Raileigh’s favorite subject– ART!  Most likely, art will be what we’re doing the majority of our holiday “break”.

oshkosh collage 2

There’s a variety of fun stuff going on here.  Stars and polka dots, a rainbow of colors, and an imaginative mask.  It’s the perfect outfit to inspire a little creativity in all of our holiday projects.

It case it isn’t evident… we’re thrilled with the holiday offerings at OshKosh B’gosh.  These versatile pieces fit together to create looks Raileigh will enjoy wearing and remember for years to come.


Best of all… I’ve got a really amazing coupon to share with all of you.  This coupon is good for 25% off of a $30 or more purchase.  That’s in addition to sale prices, so you’ll be saving a ton {Some exclusions– such as doorbusters– do apply.  Read the fine print}.  In case you’re wondering… I was able to get EVERYTHING pictured above plus a set of hair ties, clippies, AND another pair of leggings for $106.  Yes.  It’s pretty awesome.

If you don’t have a store nearby, you can see the entire collection from OshKosh B’gosh online and they offer speedy shipping straight to your door.

To see more of what OshKosh B’gosh has to offer, I invite you to connect with them online:

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