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I felt Brooklynn move for the first time just 9 weeks into my pregnancy – that’s EARLY for a first time mom to feel her baby move. After those first movements… Brooklynn did not stop moving for the rest of the pregnancy. She was the most incredibly active baby — she was constantly beating up the inside of my stomach.

This has not changed ever since she was born. She is a GREAT sleeper — she sleeps through the night with no problem. However, when she is awake… she is constantly wiggling, kicking, and punching. She likes to be held, bounced, and rocked.

My active little baby is just as active outside of the womb as she was inside.

There are times that I really NEED to put Brooklynn down for various reasons (such as cleaning, cooking, or needing a potty break). However, simply sitting her in her bouncer or laying her on a blanket does not always work for Brooklynn.


Baby Einstein Musical Motions Activity Jumper


About Kids II and Baby Einstein Musical Motions Activity Jumper

Kids II has been inventing and reinventing some of the world’s most popular baby and infant products for families across the globe for more than 40 years. In our four decades, we continue to have “home runs” when it comes to products that babies and moms need and want. Most recently it’s the Baby Einstein Motion Activity Jumper. Not only is this our bestselling product, it also happens to be one of the bestselling products in the market. And, we want to give you full access to the product and it’s amazing features so you can share with your followers and other moms. It’s a product moms need to know about!

Like all of our products, it’s designed with baby and mommy in mind. It’s more than a jumper, it’s an entertainer that allows baby to discover and explore while having a ton of fun. It’s safe and sturdy and gives mom some freedom as baby independently plays in the jumper.

Infants can jump, play, and engage with classical melodies, language discovery and 12 fun activities. The soft cradling seat with machine washable seat pad rotates a full 360° to give baby access to all toy stations. Beads, melodies, and light-up piano keep baby entertained.

With five height adjustments and a padded high-back seat for extra support, the activity jumper grows with your little explorer. For safety, four non-skid feet keep the jumper firmly in place. Designed for babies at least 4 months of age. Dimensions: 34”w x 32”d x 29”h



The features of the BE Musical Motion Activity Jumper are:

  • 12+ activities include light up piano with volume control and 3 play modes: melodies, piano notes, and language learning in English, French, and Spanish
  • Roller ball with real-life imagery and fun, colorful beads
  • Padded high back seat provides additional comfort and support for baby
  • Seat rotates 360° to give baby full access to all toys
  • Seat pad removes for easy cleaning
  • 5 height positions adjust to grow with baby
  • Additional links for adding some of baby’s favorite toys


The box to the Baby Einstein Musical Motions Activity Jumper says that this product is for 4+ months. My sweet little girl is only 5 weeks old. SO — I was a bit leery about whether or not this jumper would work at this stage in my daughter’s life.

Regardless of whether or not Brooklynn would be able to use the jumper yet or not, I went ahead and put it together. This process was SUPER easy and fool-proof. The directions have pictures and are extremely clear about how to put it together. This was refreshing. As you can imagine, we have put together a LOT of baby products in the past few months. The majority of those products have had extremely complicated directions. The Baby Einstein Musical Motions Activity Jumper was easy!

When I was putting this product together, Brooklynn was in her swing. She really wanted to be held and was letting me know by showing me how strong her lungs are. I took Brooklynn and the jumper outside to have her try it out for the first time and because she REALLY loves it outside. I was so nervous about putting her in it – because she is so much younger than the recommended age.

She absolutely LOVED it.

She stopped crying immediately and was FASCINATED by all of the different toys and colors that are all over the jumper. She can hold her head up by herself with no problem — but — she still hasn’t completely figured out how to really control her hands and arms. So, she didn’t actually play with the toys. But, she found them fascinating and spent a good 25 minutes playing in the jumper {without crying!}. 

At one point, Brooklynn was making faces at me and smiling {because she was having a blast!}, and she started kicking her legs. Her feet don’t reach the ground when she’s in it, so it started bouncing up and down with each kick. She thought this was great! She kept kicking to make it bounce even more.


I absolutely love the Baby Einstein Musical Motions Activity Jumper and am excited about seeing Brooklynn use all of the incredible features when she gets a little bigger! I know you and your little one will love it too — so head on over to the Target product site and purchase yours today!

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