An Evening of Family Fun at the Medieval Times Atlanta Castle {Review}

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It had been over ten years since my one and only visit to Medieval Times.

Darren and I were dating.  We were in New York to perform {we both played instruments back in the day} and do a little sight seeing.  One evening, our dinner and entertainment consisted of a visit to the Medieval Times Castle in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

This was a highlight of the trip.  The company was perfect, the food was amazing, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the show.

Several years ago, Medieval Times built a new location just outside Atlanta.  I’ve wanted to go since it opened and I recently had the opportunity to do so!  This time, Darren and I got to take Raileigh, watching as she experienced the magic for the first time.

medieval times ATL

We arrived half an hour before showtime and were assigned a row to sit on within the blue knight’s section.  Raileigh then had an opportunity to have her picture taken with the princess– a true fairytale moment for her!

Once we were seated, it was long before than began serving our meal.  A quick note– there is no silverware provided here!  You have to use your hands!  The neat freak in me was slightly skeptical of this detail– it was something I had conveniently forgotten about our experience 10 years ago.  But it was really a lot of fun, and not nearly as messy as I had envisioned.

We were served a multi-course meal complete with garlic bread, soup, a potato, roasted chicken, a rib, and a baked apple pastry.  Service began before the show, and continued as we watched the events unfold.  Now– many of you know that Raileigh is a vegetarian and they actually had a vegetarian meal to accommodate her.  Her meal included soup, garlic bread, an additional soup, hummus and pita bread, veggies with dip, and the baked apple pastry.

ATL medieval times

The food was really quite good.  It was also incredibly filling.  The serving size is rather large, and I was actually unable to finish everything.

Now for what you are most interested in– the show.

It is phenomenal.  It’s fast paced, intriguing, and even interactive at times.  The Blue Knight threw a flower to Raileigh at one point and she caught it!

There are six knights in all– three in the west and three in the east.  You cheer for the knight who’s section you’re sitting in, as well as the other knights located in your area {the east or west}.  The knights use a variety of weapons including the lance, bola, and mace in challenges to determine who will be crowned champion.

atlanta medieval times

Throughout the show and challenges, the knights ride incredibly beautiful horses.  Nearly all of the horses are actually raised at Medieval Times’ Chapel Creek Ranch in Sanger, Texas.  Horses begin performing at age three and continue to do so for a couple of years.  After this, they return to Texas to live out the rest of their lives.

On the night we attended, our knight and his steed were not declared champions.  However, we had a truly amazing time anyway.  Every aspect of the experience was incredible and we made memories that will last a lifetime.

The Medieval Times Atlanta Castle would be the perfect destination for an evening of family fun this holiday season.  The Georgia Castle’s Thanksgiving show is at 5pm; doors open at 3:45pm. Tickets are just $29.95 with code TGGR, with $10 per ticket sold being donated to the Red Cross to aid in the Philippines.

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Additionally, tickets to Medieval Times would make a perfect holiday gift for that special friend or family member.  Giving an experience is far more meaningful than a sweater or scarf that will collect dust in the closet.

To find out more, call 1-888-WE-JOUST or visit the Medieval Times website.

In the meantime, make sure to connect with Medieval Times:


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    My family has been wanting to see this show for a while now but something always comes up and we don’t get to go…maybe in 2014 we’ll make it. Looks like tons of fun!

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