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Inevitably, things don’t go as planned more often than they do.  Milk is spilled, toothpaste gets stuck in hair… and you’ve just gotta go with it.  Seriously, it’s much easier {and less stressful} to laugh at life’s crazy moments than to get burdened down by them.

I’ve been hanging out on the NickMom website lately trying to keep things in perspective.  Life’s had a lot of curveballs lately and I’m trying to take my own advice and just take it in stride.

Kids Say of the Day is a super cute, often “laugh out loud” segment featuring some of those off-the-wall, completely insane things our kids say on a regular basis. “Mom, I didn’t realize that was you.  I thought it was some other fat lady”.  Yep– completely awesome {and yes, probably mortifying if said to you} and the perfect way to feel a good belly laugh.

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It made me reminisce on some of the outrageous things my own little one has said.  I have one amazing child.  She’s smart, super friendly, and full of energy.  She’s also pretty funny and absolutely full of crazy thoughts that she often speaks out loud.

Walking through an outdoor mall, we pass a teenager who smiles at Raileigh.  Raileigh promptly looks at me and says “Mom, she has on WAY too much make-up”.

Raileigh had some tummy issues a few months back.  She heads to the potty and a few minutes later I hear “Mom!  You’ve got to come see this poop.  There has to be like a thousand pieces in here!”

11 months copy

On one such tummy issue day, we’re eating lunch at a local quick service restaurant. Raileigh says to me “Mom, I need some ice cream.  I’m pretty sure that’s what’s wrong with my tummy.  I haven’t had enough ice cream”.

One day in school recently, we were working on handwriting.  Time after time, Raileigh was writing her letter “e” completely sideways.  Y’all– that’s a hard thing to do {I tried it} and I could not figure out why she was doing it or even HOW she was doing it.  I proceeded to throw my pencil across the room.  Yeah– stellar parenting moment right there.  The best part is that Raileigh proceeded to relay the entire event– every lovely, exaggerated detail– to my mother-in-law.  Thank you, sweetie.

We’ve been talking about Christmas lately and getting ready for the holidays.  This morning Raileigh asks me “So, Santa comes down the chimney, right?”.  I confirm that he does indeed come down the chimney.  “Well, you need to move that thing in front of it {the fireplace screen} because Santa’s going to get stuck”.

1 year 7 months copy

I’ve got to tell you, though– not only does Raileigh say crazy stuff, she does crazy stuff.  She’s only five and is already playing practical jokes on me.

Raileigh and I have the same socks in different sizes.  One day, while I was in the shower, Raileigh took my socks out of the drawer and replaced them with hers.  I went to put MY socks on and could not figure out why they were suddenly too small.

I have a paper cutter that has blades you can switch out.  One cuts straight, one wavy, and one makes a perforated line.  However, I always use the one that cuts straight.  One day, I went to cut some paper for school and it cut a big wavy line down my paper.  I sat there looking at it for a second, trying to remember WHY I would have cut something with a wavy line.  I switched back to the straight cutting blade and proceeded to cut my paper.  A few minutes later, Raileigh comes over and picks up the wavy-edge paper, a big grin on her face.  She asked if I had cut the paper, and I told her that I had.  She laughed and laughed.  Apparently, she’d switched out the cutting implements {please don’t worry– there are guards and safety features and there’s no way she could cut herself} just to play a trick on me.

When Raileigh was really little, she and I had to leave to pick my husband up at work.  I could not find the car keys anywhere.  I did a through search of the house and then had to call my husband to tell him we were going to be late.  Finally, after almost an hour of looking, I found the keys.  Raileigh had put them in the hood of her ride-on car.

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I am so glad that I have these moments to look back on.  They remind me to laugh– not to take things so seriously.  Life is going to be crazy and I don’t want to bring on the gray hairs by stressing out every time things aren’t perfect.  Because, really– this imperfect life, full of silly moments, practical jokes, and unfiltered thoughts is absolutely perfect for me.

Need a good laugh?  I encourage you to connect with NickMom.com and take a break from the craziness of life.


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