The First {of MANY} Flashback Skinny Tees

flashback skinny tee

Quite a long time ago, Rae released the awesome Flashback Skinny Tee.  I wanted it really, really badly, but I didn’t buy it.  I had a pretty good shirt pattern and I just couldn’t justify buying another one.

Finally, one day, I did buy it.  And then, I wanted to kick myself for waiting so long.  This pattern is amazing.

It’s your basic t-shirt pattern but the fit is incredible.  Unlike many basic tees, it features a slimmer fit which makes the shirt look so much better– because it actually fits your child well.  It comes in two size ranges– 12 mos through 5T and 6 through 14.

I bought the smaller of the two and probably should have went up to the bigger one.  Raileigh’s in the 5T size now.

flashback skinny tee collage

To make a shirt all you’ll need is 5 pattern pieces– the front, back, two sleeves, and the neckband.  You may choose to add cuffs to the sleeves as well.  These sew up very, very fast.  It takes me less than 30 minutes to sew one up on my serger.  Yep– I don’t even have to pull out my sewing machine for these!  Though, since the Flashback Skinny Tee is made from knit, they would be fine being sewn completely on the sewing machine.

It’s also the perfect pattern to upcycle some old shirts.

In fact, this– my very first Flashback Skinny Tee— is made entirely from an upcycled shirt.  Last New Years Eve, we went to the Chick-fil-A Bowl FanFest.  I came home with at least 10 Coke Zero shirts.  I was pretty excited because that is a whole lot of knit fabric for me to use!

flashback skinny tee at world of coca-cola

For the most part, I’ve just been using the knit without the logo.  However, when we planned a family trip to the World of Coca-Cola, it was the perfect time to actually incorporate the shirt’s logo!  Since the shirt started as an XL men’s shirt, the logo completely filled the front of my 5T Flashback Skinny Tee!

Rae offers a tutorial on how to make the sleeves of the shirt into puffy sleeves and I decided to incorporate that into the tee– just to give it more of a feminine feel.  I was able to preserve the hem on both the shirt body and the sleeves, making a lot less work for me.  I also used the existing neckband from the tee, simply cutting it down to a smaller size before attaching it to my shirt.

You may recognize this shirt from a few days ago.  The first time Raileigh wore it, I paired it with the Rings of Ruffles skirt I had made!

This is the first of many Flashback Skinny Tees I have made.  In fact, I’ve already sewn at least 8 more and have several others cut, just waiting to be sewn up.

I think it’s safe to say this is one of my favorite patterns.  I cannot wait to show you more Flashback Skinny Tees!

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