New Fall Friends Available at Build-A-Bear Workshop {Review}

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There are two things that Raileigh wants to do when she grows up– become a princess and open a Build-A-Bear Workshop in Walt Disney World.

Since Raileigh made her very first bear shortly before her second birthday, we have been big fans of the place where “best friends are made”.  Build-A-Bear Workshop has been the source of hours upon hours of cuddles, laughter, and fun.

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Recently, we got the opportunity to visit one of our local Build-A-Bear Workshops, located at North Point Mall.  Halloween is coming up and I was anxious to surprise Raileigh with a closer look at some of the festive holiday friends.  Just in time for Halloween, Build-A-Bear Workshop has released some truly cuddly-worthy animals.

In the past, ALL we have made is bears.  So, I was slightly surprised when Raileigh made a beeline for the cat.  Lucky Kitty stands 15″ tall with fun purple eyes, an orange nose, and orange paws.  Raileigh was instantly smitten.

She chose a special heart and placed it inside her new kitty.  She then helped to stuff it with the perfect amount of stuffing.  Just so you know… hugs are a great way to see if your new friend is stuffed just the way you like!

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After stuffing, Raileigh and her new friend headed to the spa area.  She got to brush and “clean” the kitty there.  I have to say– this is one of my favorite areas of the store.  The tub is designed to look as if it really has bubbles and water in it.  When the animal is moved around, the elements in the tub move as well.  It’s such a fun and interactive element!

Now it was time for Raileigh favorite part of the experience– choosing an outfit.  There are literally hundreds of options to choose from.  From tees and shorts to fancy dresses to clothes resembling those of favorite characters, there is truly something for everyone.  Of course, Raileigh wanted her new kitty to have a Halloween outfit to match the kitty’s coloring.

She quickly narrowed it down to the Sparkle Witch Costume— an adorable three piece outfit in black and orange.  It comes with a sparkly dress, a cape, and a witch hat headband.  The colors matched the kitty perfectly!

babw lucky kitty collage

She also decided to choose an accessory for the kitty.  Again, you’ll find a plethora of options to choose from.  There’s underwear, wigs, shoes, and even a wheelchair!  Raileigh chose the Black Cat Tote.  Can you blame her?  It looks JUST like her new kitty!  She also decided to complete the look with a cute little Rainbow Sequin Mask.  It’s perfect for a jet black kitty and certainly adds an air of mystery to the costume.

After the kitty was all dressed, we proceeded to make a birth certificate for it.  Raileigh unveiled her new name for Lucky Kitty– Midnight Halloween.  I was worried that such a long name wouldn’t fit on the birth certificate, but indeed it did!

babw lucky kitty as midnight halloween

Midnight Halloween has been Raileigh’s constant companion since we brought her to life.  She goes absolutely everywhere that we do. Midnight Halloween sits on the bathroom counter when Raileigh gets a bath each night, in an extra chair beside her at dinner, and even rides in the car when we do.  She’s soft, cuddly, and pretty much perfect for my little one.

These Fall Friends are only available for a limited time, so make sure to visit your local Build-A-Bear Workshop and bring a new friend to life today.  If you aren’t in close proximity to a store, these special friends can be ordered on line as well!

babw raileigh and midnight halloween

To find the store nearest you or to learn more about Build-A-Bear Workshop, I invite you to connect with them.

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