How To Make Framed Photo Cutouts in Photoshop Elements {Tutorial}


I think it is so fun to play in Photoshop and work on dressing up my photos. One thing that I had been SO interested in learning is how to make my photos into different shapes.

I was interested in this for many reasons. For one, making my photos into framed cutouts helps dress them up for a better “visual appearance” on the blog. Another reason I wanted to learn how to do this is to help me create and design my own super cute announcement cards {for baby, Christmas, etc.}.

So, on my journey to becoming more proficient in Photoshop Elements, I searched around and tried many different ways of creating photo cutouts. Some tutorials were RIDICULOUSLY complicated and challenging… while others were super easy.

I found my “favorite” way of accomplishing this task — and I’ve decided to share! Like I said — there are SO many ways to do this and I am in no way a Photoshop Expert. So feel free to browse around to different techniques until you find the way that is most convenient for you.

Also, I use Photoshop Elements 11. So, if you have a different version than I do your screen may look different and you may have to explore to find the same tools that is on mine. I have never used a version other than PSE11 — so I honestly have NO idea what the other versions look like.


First, open the photo that you want to use in your frame.


Then, open your favorite frame. Since everything that we will be doing from here on out is on the frame, I like to open it last. Also, you can choose any frame that is a solid image. The reason I use the term “solid image” is because frames that is only the outline will make your picture be ONLY on the outline. So, you’re going to want to choose a frame that is solid on the inside and out.


Next, create a layer mask on your frame. You can do this by using the layer mask tool on your layer sidebar. In Photoshop Elements 11, it is the rectangle icon that has a circle inside of it.


Next, go to your Photo Bin {mine is in the bottom left hand corner}, and it will show all of your open files. Since we already opened our photo, the next thing to do is to drag and drop your photo on top of your frame.


To make the photo fit inside of the frame, you’re going to create a clipping mask. So, first – make sure that your photo is selected. Then, go to the top of the Photoshop Elements screen and choose Layer –> Create Clipping Mask.


Drag the corners of your photo to resize it to fit in your frame. When you’re happy with how your image looks, flatten it and save as a jpeg.


And voila! You’re done!


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