Halloween Treat Cones {Free Download}

halloween treat cones

When Raileigh turned four years old, I made a bunch of treat cones to use for the snacks at her party.  When I say a bunch… I mean a whole bunch.  We had treat cones leftover for months after the party was over.

It wound up not being a big deal because my little one apparently loves treat cones.  She ate her snack in a treat cone each day until every last one of them had been used up.

With the holiday of treats {also known as Halloween} fast approaching, I decided to make up a new batch of treat cones.

This time, they feature designs that are perfect for the impending holiday!

Of course, I have to share them with you as well!  This download features three treat cones– bats, black stripes, and my personal favorite– a spider web!

Download Halloween Treat Cones

The treat cones can be printed on regular paper or cardstock.  I’ve used both at different times.  Of course, the cardstock is sturdier, but the plain computer paper gets the job done, too.

Once printed, you’ll need to cut the treat cones out along the edge of the design.

To assemble the treat cones, you’ll need to roll your cut design into a cone shape, with the scalloped edge serving as the top.  You can secure the edges with double-sided tape.  Glue can be used, but you’ll have to sit and hold the paper together until it sets.  The tape just makes it easier.

That’s it!  Cute and festive treat cones that are ideal for a holiday get-together or just a fun afternoon snack.


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