Halloween Mini Cupcake Wrappers {Free Download}


I love baking year round, but especially during holidays.  There’s just something about whipping up festive treats that makes me extremely happy.

Halloween is no exception.

There has been a lot of baking going on over here– from puppy chow to cakes, we’ve been making {and eating!} it all.

To go along with some mini cupcakes I have planned, I decided to make some Halloween Mini Cupcake Wrappers.

Download Halloween Mini Cupcake Wrappers

Cupcake wrappers have the power to hide the potentially ugly cupcake liners used for baking and can really spruce up any batch of cupcakes.  They’re easy to make and add a big touch of holiday festiveness {is that even a word?}.

I’ve created 4 different Halloween Mini Cupcake Wrappers and they print out on one convenient sheet.  Simply trim around the edges and cut out the small opening on the lefthand side.  The notch fits perfectly in this opening, leaving you with a set of cupcake wrappers that stay put and look great.


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