Gray Ombre Rings of Ruffles Skirt

rings of ruffles skirt

I’ve been on a shirt making kick lately {no worries… you’ll see them all soon!}.  Needless to say, Raileigh needs a bit more in her wardrobe than gazillion upcycled tops.

I pulled out a pattern that I purchased quite a long time ago– the Rings of Ruffles Skirt by LilyGiggle. Though the pattern generally uses random strips of upcycled fabric, I wanted to go in a different direction.  I wanted to make an ombre skirt in gray that would match a lot of the shirts Raileigh has.

rings of ruffles skirt collage

For the ombre strips, I used four different gray t-shirts, all in different shades of the color.  The base of the skirt {what I sewed all the ruffled strips onto} is actually two different colors.  You just can’t see that since the ruffles cover it up!

When it came to the waistband, I decided that I didn’t want an elastic casing.  I opted for a large, exposed waistband.  I love the look of it and it Raileigh does as well.

I’ll admit– the skirt did take quite a bit if time to make.  It wasn’t hard– just time consuming.  I had to cut a lot of strips and then ruffle each of them.  After constructing the actual skirt, there were a lot of strings to tie off and cut.

rings of ruffles gray ombre skirt

However, the effort was completely worth it.  We all love love love this skirt.  Raileigh has gotten numerous compliments on it. I’ve actually started cutting out additional Rings of Ruffles skirts.  I cannot wait to share those with you as well!


  1. Rosie says:

    oh, how cute! that skirt is the best upcycle I’ve seen! and the tee is adorable with it. Great idea! Love the ombre, too.

  2. Casandra says:

    I love this! I’m beginning to teach my daughter to sew, I learned when I was about her age. We’re doing a lot of instant gratification projects right now. She wants to see immediate results (ie pillows, pillow cases). This may be a good multi-day project to teach her a little patience:)

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