From Bump To Baby — It’s Brooklynn’s Due Date!!



It’s FINALLY Brooklynn’s due date!

Although we have no idea when she will decide to make her grand appearance — it is something to celebrate that there is only a few more days left {at the most} until we get to meet her! So — I wanted to take a moment to show you all of her growth over the past 10 months.

Please disregard the quality of these photos — these are Instagram photos that I have collected since February! 


As you can see, my body has made SERIOUS changes over the last 9 months. Here is a picture of me at 39 weeks — fabulously GIGANTIC:


This pregnancy has been absolutely FABULOUS. It has gone by SO fast – and I have loved every single second of it. I never knew that there was something so fulfilling – yet terrifying – as being pregnant. Each day brings new thrills and yet new worries.

I am constantly reminded of the sweet life that is growing inside of me with every single push and nudge — and although it is getting increasingly more painful as each day goes by — it is the sweetest reminder of the miracle that the Lord has blessed us with. Along with those daily reminders are the daily worries that motherhood brings — worries about if everything is going to go smoothly in delivery, worries about if she is going to be healthy and happy, and worries about if Kevin and I can take care of a newborn.

This has brought us so much joy — and it is only the beginning!

I’m thankful for today being sweet Brooklynn’s due date — and I cannot WAIT to share pictures here at Wee Share of our little princess when she arrives!!!




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