From Bump To Baby – At Home Remedies for Naturally Inducing Labor


Brooklynn’s due date has come and gone… and the sweet girl is in NO hurry to make her appearance. I fully believe that babies have their own time table, and that she will come when she is completely ready. But… I have been having fun entertaining and “testing” all of the “At Home Remedies” for naturally inducing labor — all of which have failed… seeing as I am still very pregnant. But, for fun, I wanted to list all of the ways that I have attempted and my thoughts of all.

Before I begin, I want to make a quick disclaimer. Every single pregnancy is different — and different things work for different women. Also, I am not a doctor – so be sure to chat with your medical professional before trying anything to naturally induce labor. Because even though by 40 weeks pregnant we pregnant ladies are DONE and ready to have our little ones in our arms and our bodies back to normal… we also want to keep our precious babies safe and healthy above all. So be sure to talk to your doctor to make sure any and all attempts to naturally induce labor at home is safe for your particular pregnancy.

Here are the {non-medical} wives tales that I have heard from a variety of different sources that supposedly work to induce labor.


I had heard, that going on a bumpy ride {either in the car or some other safe method of transportation} would help “giggle” the baby into position to come out. However — this did NOT work for me. My family took me on a long trip around a very bumpy golf course on a golf cart… and nothing.


Prior to a few days ago… I had never tasted eggplant. To be honest, I knew it was a large purple vegetable — but I had NO experience with it at all. My mom, sister, and I made homemade Eggplant Parmesan. I ate it.. and it tasted just like lasagna to me. It was relatively tasty… but… no baby.


My husband thought this one was a HORRIBLE idea. However, I tried it anyways. I sat on one of those gigantic bouncy exercise balls and I bounced… and I bounced… and I bounced… and nothing. No baby. No labor.


I persuaded my sweet {and very handsome} husband to give me a foot massage to try and induce labor. I had read somewhere that there are certain pressure points on your feet that will trigger labor… but this did NOT work for me. However, I will happily continue to repeatedly try this method… seeing as my feet felt FABULOUS afterwards.


There are some wives tales that I am NOT going to try {aka – Castor Oil}. However, this one was a tasty treat that I was more than HAPPY to try. I absolutely LOVE pineapple — and as long as I can keep it away from my husband, who loves pineapple too — I could eat an entire pineapple by myself. But… no baby came from my pineapple feast.


I am NOT a fan of spicy foods — pregnant or not. But, for the sake of NOT having a medical induction… I decided to try this method. My husband took me to Bonefish {which is one of my favorite restaurants}, and I ordered the Bang Bang Shrimp.

Now, all you spicy lovers out there — don’t make fun of me or get a “chuckle” out of my choice in spicy dish. The Bang Bang Shrimp isn’t the most intense spicy food out there… but it was WAY TOO SPICY for me.

And Brooklynn let me know loud and clear that she did NOT approve of the spicy selection I made.

So, spicy foods are OUT for me. No labor, no baby.


I read that, like going on bumpy rides, that walking up and down the stairs will help bounce the baby into position. But… after many MANY times up and down my stairs… All I got was an extremely sore tooshie. No labor, No baby.


One of the most common and widely promoted ways to naturally induce labor is walking. But… I have gone on walks, gone on extremely long {but fun} shopping days with my mom, walked at my brother’s golf tournaments, and much much more. I have walked miles and miles and miles… with no labor, no baby.


Although, as I have said, I believe babies come on their own when their ready — I am all for trying any and all “wives tales” that will safely and naturally induce labor {except Castor Oil}. Since I am past my due date… I have a medical induction just around the corner. I will be medically induced if it is in Brooklynn’s best interest… but I figure that trying natural induction techniques at home can’t hurt!

What has been your experience with natural at-home labor induction remedies? Did anything work for you? I’d LOVE to hear all about it! Feel free to comment!



  1. Sue Hull says:

    Those don’t work. LOL!! My daughter turned 28 yesterday. She was 2 wks late and I was in labor for 19 1/2 hrs of labor and she was worth every second of it. She is now pregnant and I will be a grandma in May. I did walking up and down the halls of the hospital. They had me sit on a port a potty and push, still nothing. I can’t remember what I did that worked. I wasn’t a Christian back then and I remember telling the dr to do his f-ing job and get this baby out of me. I dropped the F bomb a lot that day from what my mom tells me. LOL!! You’re right you have a very handsome husband and you’re a beautiful young lady which means you’re going to have a beautiful baby. I wish you lots of luck 🙂

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