Buy One, Take One at Olive Garden

buy one get one olive garden

Whenever we head out to dinner, I love to have leftovers.  It means a delicious and filling lunch the following day that I have to put zero thought and effort into.

Right now, Olive Garden is making it easier than ever to enjoy a tasty meal while you dine as well as after you’ve left the restaurant.

Introducing Buy One, Take One exclusively at Olive Garden.  After enjoying a delicious Olive Garden meal at your local restaurant, take home a second freshly prepared dish for later, all for only $12.99!

Visit your local Olive Garden to enjoy a delicious entrée served with unlimited homemade soup or garden-fresh salad along with unlimited breadsticks. Then, choose a second entrée and they will freshly prepare and chill it so it’s ready to take home.

There are currently five entrée options included in this offer:

buy one get one olive garden entree options

You’ll notice several Classic Recipe dishes in the mix and these are always my favorite!  I’ve yet to try the Smoked Mozzarella Chicken, though– maybe that will be my choice on our next trip to Olive Garden,

Darren and I have a date night coming up and the the Buy One, Take One option at Olive Garden seems like the perfect dining option for us.  We can enjoy a tasty meal together, and have a full meal to eat the next day.  That definitely stretches our date night budget– which let’s face it, isn’t very big!

Have you tried Buy One, Take One at Olive Garden yet?  Which dish would you most like to order?

Connect with Olive Garden so you always know about special menu items and promotions such as this:

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