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I am a Disney dreamer– always thinking and planning about the next time my family will make it to the most magical place on Earth.  The seed was planted when Darren and I ventured down to Walt Disney World for our honeymoon.  Though, the true infatuation did not begin until we had a daughter and could see the magic through the eyes of a child.

We would love to go to Disney all the time, but it’s something our wallets simply won’t allow.  After all, it costs a pretty penny to fuel family fun alongside the mouse and a host of princesses!

A few months ago, I mentioned how we were saving up for our next trip– by using our MasterCard and enrolling in the Fuel Rewards Network!

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The Fuel Rewards Network is this awesome FREE savings card that enables you to save money on something we all buy frequently– fuel!  However, what I love best about it is how you generate the savings.

I began by enrolling in the grocery rewards program which enables me to save money simply by buying food for my family to eat.  It required no extra effort on my part and I began to rack up the savings by doing something I would be doing anyhow.  And, because I linked my go-to card– my MasterCard– I was eligible for the MasterCard Grocery Bonus!

After MasterCard introduced me to this awesome rewards network, I began to discover even more ways to save beyond the grocery rewards!

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I also enrolled in the Fuel Rewards Network Dining Rewards which allows me to rack up additional savings when we eat out!  I earn 10 cents per gallon in rewards for every $50 we spend eating out.  There are over 10,000 restaurants across the country that participate in the dining rewards program, so it’s super easy to discover places to eat and ways to save no matter where we are!

We like to accumulate our savings and redeem our gas rewards every month to six weeks.  But Y’ALL– this means a really, really cheap fill-up for us.  And, you know how much gas costs.  This is HUGE savings and a nice chunk of change that gets put towards our next Disney vacation.

Speaking of which…

We're Going to DISNEY!

WE CHOSE THE DATES!  Yep– our next trip is planned and it’s happening early next year!  We were able to take a look at all the money we’ve been saving and discover that we’re actually really close to our vacation savings goal.  {I have this huge, dopey grin on my face as I write this, by the way}.

The most exciting thing to me is that Raileigh doesn’t know!  Every time we’ve taken her to Disney, we’ve talked about it for months before arriving.  But this time, it’s our little secret and she isn’t going to find out until we arrive.  I literally feel like I am going to burst I want to to tell her so badly.  BUT– I know that if I can keep it in, the look of surprise on her face will be completely worth it.

disney here I come

I have this list of a zillion things I want to make before we arrive at the most magical place on Earth, but I know it’s going to be exponentially more difficult since my little princess doesn’t know we’re going.  I’m going to have to do some super secret creating after she goes to bed at night.  There’s an autograph book to make, new dresses and shirts to create, and lots of planning to do.  I. Cannot. Wait.

After many expenses associated with relocating, MasterCard and the Fuel Rewards Network really gave us the kick we needed to begin saving for our next family vacation.  And, I am so glad they did because I now see it becoming a reality.

disney fueled by mastercard

Let the Fuel Rewards Network and the many facets it encompasses– grocery rewards, dining rewards, and even home improvement savings– get you started on saving towards something your family has been dreaming of.  Whether it’s a Disney vacation or a night out on the town, you CAN achieve your goal.

In the meantime, connect with MasterCard to discover even more ways this awesome card can work for you.


  1. Sara @ CleverPinkPirate.com says:

    Oh my goodness, I can’t get over the cuteness of your little girl! We are planning a trip to Disney hopefully around the holidays. Love that FRN can be used to save on fuel to get there and the savings can go to having more fun 🙂

    • Desi says:

      Sara– you are too sweet! I am definitely jealous of a holiday trip to Disney! Hope you have a really wonderful time!

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