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Do you have those “guilty pleasure” shows?  You know– the ones that you usually only watch when you’re home alone or no one else is around?

Yeah– New Girl just happens to be one of those shows that make my “guilty pleasure” short-list.  I tried watching it with my husband once, but he continually made fun of the theme song at the beginning, which completely distracted from my enjoyment of the show.  I happen to like the theme song… even if it always gets stuck in my head.

Needless to say, I am pretty excited that New Girl Season 2 is coming out on DVD really soon.  Now, I can enjoy the show all by myself when he is working late.

Zooey Deschanel is hands down my favorite actress {or actor} on New Girl.  She’s just someone I can see being friends with and enjoy seeing some of the crazy, silly stuff she does.  That being said, I really like the entire cast.  They’re all so different, but somehow it all works to form this insane group of roommates that you can’t help but love.

During Season 2, we’re treated to a look at a roommate milestone– Nick and Schmidt celebrate TEN years as roommates.  To celebrate, I’ve got some fun ideas for you on How To Celebrate Your Friend-iversary.

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Destination: Best Friends Forever

There’s no better excuse for a vacation than a special friend-iversary. Hop in the car with your BFF and hit the road towards whatever destination you’ve been dying to visit. Be sure to stock the car with your favorite snack foods and lots of CD’s full of songs that the two of you have jammed to over the years. There’s no need to worry about being stuck in the car for hours upon hours, because you and your best friend know how to make

Kick It on the Couch

Nick and Schmidt really loving kicking back on the couch and watching TV. Your friend-iversary celebrations don’t have to be too crazy. After all, you have been friends for a long time and can find the fun in pretty much any activity when you’re together. Make it a night in for just the two of you. Pull out some old photo albums and let the nostalgia and sentimental feelings come flooding in. A night in will bring out all of the “I love you man” or “Girl, you’re like my sister” statements. With a friendship as strong as Nick and Schmidt’s there’s nothing embarrassing about sharing your feelings.

Friendship Flashback

Is there something or someplace that you and your BFF used to always do together? Maybe you completely forgot about that restaurant where you used to eat breakfast every Sunday morning or that bar that you frequented for their beer specials on weeknights. In honor of your friend-iversary, make an appearance at one of your old hang out spots. As soon as you walk in the door, all of the old memories will come back to you and you’re bound to have a great time reminiscing.

Take a Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

A friend-iversary means that the two of you have been hanging out for many, many years. Your pal probably makes you feel more comfortable than anyone else. They know everything about you and can talk sense into you when you’re being a little irrational. Maybe you both secretly want to go sky diving, eat a crazy food, or try out a new religion. If you do it together, in honor of your anniversary, then you will forget that you’re a little terrified, grossed out, or nervous. Schmidt would agree; anything is possible with your BFF by your side.

Here’s a little more of what you can look forward to in New Girl Season 2

The romantic tension between Jess (Emmy® Nominee Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (JakeJohnson) escalates in the hilarious, quirky second season of “New Girl” — but will they ever hook up? Meanwhile, Schmidt fails to be hip, Winston isn’t “prepared” for a hot date, and Nick faces a death in his dysfunctional family. While Jess does her best to replace Cece on a modeling job and a drunk Elvis impersonator at a funeral, Schmidt and Winston hope to rearrange Cece’s arranged marriage. Relive all 25 outrageous episodes featuring guest stars like Jamie Lee Curtis, Rob Reiner and Dennis Farina, and enjoy fun bonus material — including the extended version of the hugely popular “Virgins” episode — only available on the DVD.

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Now for the really exciting news.  I’ve got a copy of New Girl Season 2 to send to one lucky reader!  Enter below.

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  1. Michelle G. says:

    I have only caught the show a couple of times, so I don’t know any of their names. But, I have a friend who loves the show and I know she would love this if I won.
    Thank you!

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