Love to Have the Latest Phone? Check out Verizon Edge.


Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product. Read more at

I’ve now been a Verizon Wireless Ambassador for over a year.  And– let me just say that this experience has completely changed my outlook on phones.

Throughout the process, I have had the opportunity to test drive four different phones– two Droids and two Blackberrys.  These phones were delivered to my doorstep right around the time they were introduced on the market.  Meaning, I’ve enjoyed months of having the latest and greatest technology.

I’ll admit- this has definitely spoiled me.

Before, I didn’t really care what type of phone I had or what all it could do.  I was perfectly content with a phone that had been out for months and long ago left behind the classification of “new technology”.

Being exposed to new phones with shiny features and lots of options is really, really fun.  I like talking about the latest and greatest things in the wireless market and being able to hold my own in a conversation about cell phone technology.  Plus, having all this available to me on a daily basis is pretty awesome.

That being said… I am pretty excited about a new program from Verizon Wireless called Verizon Edge.  The old me wouldn’t have given a second thought to this program.  I was just fine waiting my 24 months for a new phone upgrade.

However, now that I know just how amazing new phones are, I can truly see the beauty in Verizon Edge.  Take a look at how it works, straight from Verizon:

What is Verizon Edge?
Verizon Edge is a program that lets you pay for your phone over 24 months rather than paying for it all upfront. You only need to pay the first month’s installment at the time of purchase. You’ll then make a monthly payment until your phone is paid off completely.

After six months, if you’ve paid for at least 50% of the phone, you’ll have the option to Edge Up to a new one without any upgrade fees.

To be eligible for the Edge Up option, the Edge phone being returned must be in good working condition and have no significant damage, as determined by Verizon Wireless.

So… this program actually allows you to get a new phone after SIX MONTHS as opposed to waiting a full two years.  Yes, I know this plan isn’t for everyone.  But, if you do enjoy having the latest and the greatest in cell phone technology, then it’s definitely something you should look into.

Is this a program you would consider using?

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