How to Make Cake Balls! {Tutorial}


Cake balls are an absolutely delicious treat to go with any occasion. They can be dressed up to fit all types of parties — and I have never met someone who did not go CRAZY over them!


  • Cake mix {I used store bought cake mix for this tutorial. However, you are more than welcome to make your cake from scratch}
  • 1 Can of Icing {Again, I used store bought icing for this tutorial}
  • Gallon sized bag
  • Lollipop Sticks {You can get them virtually anywhere craft supplies are sold} Note: Do NOT use cookie sticks. They are TOO BIG and will break your cake balls apart! 
  • 1-2 bags of Melting Chocolate – Wilton is the most common brand of melting chocolate. However, I love the brand from Hobby Lobby — it’s my favorite!
  • Crisco


So, the first thing you’re going to want to do is bake your cakes. You can make them from scratch… or use a box. For this tutorial, I’m using boxed cake. It’s easy and typically always comes out delicious.

After you bake your cake, let it cool. Once it is completely cool – put it in a gallon sized bag.

Most of the cake ball tutorials that I read when initially learning how to make these delicious snacks tell you to put the cakes in a big bowl and use your hands to crumble up the cake. However, I typically don’t make cake balls for JUST my husband and I. Usually, I make them for a large group of people. SO — it sort of grosses me out to have my hands in the cake so much. There are times that touching the cake is unavoidable… but… for everyone else’s sake — I try to keep my hands out as much as possible.


That being said — crumble up your cake mix while it is INSIDE of the gallon sized ziplock baggie. That way — the cake AND your hands stay clean.


After you’ve crumbled up your cake, put 1/2 a container of icing in the cake. I like using store bought icing because it is easy and it is tasty. Cake balls are a lot of work — so save yourself time when and where you can!


Roll the cake mix and the icing around in the bag until it is COMPLETELY mixed together. There should be no “crumbly” cake left in the bag and there should be no more icing in the bag. It should be completely made into its’ own mixture.


This is the part that using your hands is unavoidable. Take a tbsp measuring spoon and use it to get the cake/icing mix out of the bag. I do this because it helps keep all of the cake balls the same size. Roll all of the cake/icing mixture into balls.

Put the balls onto a plate and stick it in the freezer overnight.

It is important that your cake balls are very cold so it makes it easier to put the chocolate on the outside.

When you’re ready to cover your cake balls, put one lollipop stick in each cake ball. Do not use cookie sticks — they are TOO BIG and will rip your cake balls apart! 


Put your melting chocolate in a bowl. Add 1-2 tbsps of crisco to the chocolate and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir and repeat until the chocolate is completely melted.

always put Crisco in my chocolate because it really helps thin the chocolate out. You DO NOT want the chocolate to be thick — because it will cause major problems when you try to cover your cake balls with it.


Take the cake ball and roll it around in the chocolate.

Even though you are freezing your cake balls, you are going to want to take them OUT of the freezer 10-15 minutes before you roll them in the chocolate mixture. If they are completely frozen, the hot and melted chocolate is going to crack because of the temperature difference. So, take them out 10-15 minutes prior to get them thawed out a bit before dipping them into the warm chocolate.  9

Covering the cake balls is the LONGEST part of the cake ball process. After I make sure that I get chocolate on the entire cake ball, I continue to wiggle it around in the chocolate until it’s completely smooth on all sides.


The last part is to let the chocolate harden on the cake balls. I use a Wilton Cake Ball stand to put my cake balls in so that they can dry without getting smudged.

If you’re going to dress your cake balls up with sprinkles, you’re going to want to have your sprinkles READY when you’re covering your cake balls with chocolate. The chocolate hardens pretty quick — so make sure you apply the sprinkles directly after you put the chocolate on each one so that it will stick!

Once your cake balls are hardened, you can either leave them on the stick {aka – cake pops} OR you can slide them off of the stick {carefully} and put them in mini-cupcake wrappers!

Enjoy — let me know if you have any questions!



    • Angela says:

      Depending on how big you make the cake balls, between 30-50. It totally depends on how large you want to make the cake balls! 🙂

  1. Alesha says:

    Yay! I am so glad you posted how you make them! The way I made them were not so pretty!
    Maybe I can try them again soon! 🙂

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