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Y’all… our seventh week of school is winding down.  Seventh.  How did that happen and where did the time go?  I have such a hard time realizing how much school is already under our belt.  Whether you’ve been in school almost 2 months already or you just recently headed back, one thing is for certain– it’s definitely Back-To-School season!

Now that we’ve successfully transitioned from a laid back summer to a much more scheduled school day, I wanted to share some tips for those of you still struggling to get into a routine.

  • Make a schedule and stick to it.  Yes– I know this is hard, but it won’t take too long to adjust and in the end your life will be much, much easier.  Believe me– I started getting Raileigh up a full hour earlier than she was used to.  It took some time, but now she knows what is expected and gets up in the morning.  Consistency is key.
  • Do what you can the night before.  If your child takes a lunch, make it the evening before, perhaps as you’re cleaning up dinner.  You can also lay your child’s clothing out the night before so it’s one less thing to think about in the morning.  Make sure book bags are packed and waiting as well.
  • Be prepared.  Don’t wait until the last minute to make sure you have all the supplies and everything needed for school.  This just piles on the stress as you drive around trying to find everything you need.  Make a list early and check things off as you get them.

Speaking of lists… how were your school supply lists this year?  I have heard many parents say that the list just gets longer and longer every year.  But as a first year homeschool mom, I rather enjoyed picking up our supplies this year.  Granted, I got to make the list myself, but I still found the process to be really fun… maybe it’s because I could envision all the amazing projects Raileigh and I were going to be making with the supplies!

wet ones school supply list

One supply that made it to the top of my list was Wet Ones.  You may be thinking– that’s not a school supply!  Oh, but it is!  Wet Ones now has a permanent home on our homeschool shelves and they get used very, very often.  Wet Ones are perfect for wiping down hands after painting, before snacktime, and any other time Raileigh’s hands need a quick cleaning.

Just because we homeschool, does not mean there are less germs.  Let me tell you.  Raileigh has had chicken pox, I got the flu, and now my little one is getting over a super nasty cold.  You’d think homeschool would help prevent these things, but no.  Once I saw the sickness coming, I moved the Wet Ones into our homeschool room to help prevent it in the future.  I only wish I had done this from the very beginning.  I know firsthand that these amazing antibacterial wipes are incredibly good at keeping germs away, no matter where you are!

wet ones at school

If your child gets on the bus and heads to school every day, make sure that the Wet Ones are going along, too.  Stick a travel pack in your child’s book bag or lunch box so they can clean up before eating or any other time the need arises.  Also, you might want to consider sending along a few canisters to the classroom.  After all, the more kids using the wipes, the less chance there is of germs spreading!  Since Wet Ones kill 99.9% of germs, chances are that less children will come home sick if Wet Ones are being used.

You may not know, but Wet Ones is a proud supporter of teacher everywhere through an incredible website called TeacherLists.com– a service that helps teachers connect with their parents around classroom needs.  Since joining forces with TeacherLists.com in 2012, Wet Ones has donated 15,000 products to teachers all across the country as a jump start to getting their wish lists filled!  Make sure to check and see the specific needs of your child’s classroom teacher and any other teachers you know.  Also, if you’re a teacher, you can sign-up your classroom.  This is such a handy tool that I think many schools would benefit from using.

I’d love to hear how Back-To-School is going for your family!  The good, the bad– share it here!

In the meantime, connect with Wet Ones to discover even more ways this fabulous product can benefit your family.

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