Get Your Game Face On with NFL GamePaint from Verizon

NFL GamePaint

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Football is a way of life here in the South.  Fans are extremely loyal to their teams and many even claim to bleed their colors.  In the fall, Saturday is no longer just a day of the week.  It’s game day.

It’s time to get your game face on with the all-new NFL GamePaint App from Verizon.  This fun and interactive experience allows you to show your true team spirit like never before.

Here’s how it works:

  • Upload a profile picture.
  • Select your favorite NFL team.
  • Choose your design.
  • Share with your friends to get everyone excited and ready for the next game.

I decided to give it a go using a recent picture of myself.  I’m more of a college football girl, but I choose to use the colors for my home team– the Atlanta Falcons.  Even after that horribly disappointing loss at the very end of the game last week, I still have hope for an awesome season.

NFL GamePaint App

I tried out all three paint looks available for my team.  Raileigh and I decided that we like the look with all three colors best.

So… what are you waiting for?  Go get your Game Face On with NFL GamePaint from Verizon.


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