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I work from home and I homeschool my daughter.  I will admit– most days you will find me wearing yoga pants or athletic apparel.  However, when I walk out the front door of my house, I want to look more put together.  Even if it’s simply a trip to the grocery store or a run to meet my husband for lunch, it is important to me to care about my appearance.

And, now that my favorite season has officially arrived, it’s time to break out the cute boots, cardigans, and other awesome fashions associated with fall.  Fall fashion always tends to be fun.  Though each year brings new trends and styles, I always seem to love the fall offerings.

Recently, I discovered the searsStyle blog and how easy they make it to help you get the look for fall.  Though I LOVE a cozy sweater as much as the next girl, it’s nice to have somewhere to turn to get other ideas as to what I should be shopping for!

I’m pretty smitten with the Blogger Spotlight.  With some of my favorite writers featured such as Vera Sweeney and Jennifer Brandt, it’s awesome to see what someone who is essentially doing the same thing as me is choosing to wear this fall.  It makes the fashions they feature seem easy to relate to and completely attainable.

So… what trends will we be seeing this fall?  I’m seeing a lot of military-inspired looks, a lot of lace, and my all-time favorite color to wear– black.  It looks amazing paired with deep, rich hues like burgundy and hunter green.  Don’t forget those “extras” either, which aren’t really extras this season.  Accessories like chunky jewelry, belts, and a good bag can really pull your look together.

Don’t feel the need to incorporate every last fall trend into your look, though.  Take some from here and there and piece together a look that is truly you.  I mean, navy dresses may be completely trendy right now, but if you’re normally a jeans girl, chances are navy dresses probably won’t make you feel as comfortable and confident.  On that note, don’t be afraid to take risks, either.  Trying new styles can help you discover looks you never imagined would feel amazing on you.

Armed with my knowledge of the fall fashion styles, I headed to Sears to put together my own personal look for fall.

Y’all…. I was floored.  The selection was amazing, and the prices were even better.  Everywhere I turned, I saw those fall must-haves.  I was able to put together something that I feel really good in and it didn’t break the bank.

Want to see what I chose?

Fall Fashion from Sears

I’m pretty in love.  I was able to find a look that is completely me but still completely fits with fall fashion.

Let’s start with the piece that started the look– the Bongo Junior’s Lace Shoulder Necklace Top.  What I love about this top:

  • It’s got lace, but not too much lace.  By offering a lace accent shoulder, it incorporates one of my favorite fall trends without being too over the top.
  • It comes with a necklace… and it’s cute!  I don’t even have to think about the accessories, because they did it for me.  Oh– and my daughter has already asked to borrow the necklace!
  • It’s slimming in all the right places.  The shirred sides hug my body, yet hides certain things I don’t love about my mid-section.
  • It comes in my favorite color to wear– black!

#shop Fall Fashion with Sears

I did decide to pair the top with a little cami, simply to offer a bit more coverage in the lacey area.  The Bongo Junior’s Seamless Cami is an affordable option that’s comfy and thin, so there’s no added bulk.

Now, it was just time to bring the look together.  I went with the Bongo Junior’s Bootcut Jeans because…. well… I’m just a jeans kind of girl.  These jeans have a bit of stretch to them, meaning them hug my legs and offer a fit that feels amazing.

#shop fall fashion shoes

When it came to shoes, I’ll be honest– I was looking for a boot.  But, I have super teeny tiny feet and my local Sears didn’t have my size in-store.  However, I discovered these absolutely adorable Bongo Women’s Casual Ballet Flats and instantly knew they were the shoe for me.  I wear flats a lot, so they fit well with a style I am already comfortable with.  However, the black leather and stud embellishments made the shoes stand out as a perfect addition to my other fall fashion choices.

With all the black I had chosen, I knew that I needed that perfect colorful accessory to really complete the look.  Enter the Covington Women’s Washed Hobo Bag in the most stunning shade of green.  With lots of pockets, a large main bag area, and soft exterior, I knew this bag would be great for a busy mom.  The small studs made the bag tie in really well with the shoes I had chosen.

#shop fall fashion accessories

So, let’s break down the cost.

Bongo Junior’s Lace Shoulder Necklace Top     Retail: $30     I Paid: $17.09

Bongo Junior’s Seamless Cami     Retail: $12     I Paid: $5.99

Bongo Junior’s Bootcut Jeans     Retail: $38     I Paid: $19.99

Bongo Women’s Casual Ballet Flats     Retail: $24.99     I Paid: $19.99

Covington Women’s Washed Hobo Bag     Retail: $54     I Paid: $32.40

TOTAL Retail: $158.99     TOTAL I Paid: $95.46

I ALSO got an additional $10 off my total for using my Shop Your Way Rewards card, bringing my total down even further to $85.46.  Keep in mind– that’s for FIVE pieces {well… six if you count the necklace}, including new shoes AND a new bag.  Not too bad, if I do say so myself.

#shop sears fall fashion

The best part is that even though I bought these things together, they are versatile enough to pair really well with things I already own. So, I didn’t just buy an outfit, I bought a lot of pieces that can really expand my wardrobe.

If you’re looking to find an affordable way to bring your wardrobe into fall, get the look at Sears.  You’ll find pieces you love, at a price you can afford.

For even more fall fashion ideas, make sure to connect with Sears:


  1. Nicole Elliott says:

    Oh. My. Soul. I’m desperately in LOVE with this outfit and I *just* might go and completely and totally copy it–I’m just saying, you’ve been warned!!! 😀 😀 You look *amazing* and I seriously adore everything about it! We must have super, super similar styles! #client

  2. tiffany says:

    Look at you, Ms. Cutie!!! You know, the military style thing just doesn’t speak to me at all, but those shoes are SO cute! I really like them! Great deals, too!

  3. Suzanne Willett says:

    Love the outfit! It’s hard for me to find something within my budget that is comfortable and that I can wear to a client’s home – professional but lets me do my job as a professional organizer!

    • Desi says:

      Thank you! I normally have a really hard time shopping for clothes that fit what I need as well. BUT– I put this outfit together super fast and it was such a great experience!

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