Create a Fun & Easy Memory Game with Pom Tree Kids {+ Giveaway}

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Y’all.  The apple does not fall far from the tree.

My daughter loves to create and make things.  We have this room in our house.  It’s the homeschool and craft room all rolled into one.  And, I would venture to say that it’s where we spend the vast majority of our time.  Raileigh would much rather be surrounded by a big pile of construction paper and tape than her toys almost any day of the week.  In fact, she’s even asked me to turn her playroom into an art studio– on multiple occasions.  I’m not ready for that quite yet, so for now we’ve settled on sharing a creative space.

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Needless to say, when the opportunity arose to check out some of the new crafty supplies from Pom Tree Kids, I literally jumped at the chance.  I am always on the lookout for new thing that I think will engage Raileigh’s creative side, and Pom Tree Kids certainly does not disappoint.

They sent us a very, very large box full of all this goodness you see here.  In case you don’t want to do the math, that is thousands of pieces of fun crafting materials.  From beads and stickers to create our own projects to adorable kits with guided instructions, this package had it all.

We have had so. much. fun with our new supplies.  We’ve made bookmarks, beaded necklaces, pipe cleaner trees, and more.  It’s like an endless supply of fun!

One of my most favorite projects we’ve made is definitely this Fun & Easy Memory Game.  It’s simple to make, easy to customize, and provides hours of fun.  Best of all, it’s virtually mess-free!

Want to make one, too?

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Pom Tree Kids Memory Game


  • Sticker Tub of Your Choice from Pom Tree Kids {We used Market Food}
  • White Cardstock {I used 3- 8.5 x 11 sheets}
  • Printed Scrapbook Paper {I used 1- 12 x 12 sheet}
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Scissors or Paper Cutter
  • OPTIONAL- Corner Rounder Punch

memory game sticker tub

Alright.  Let’s get started.  First, you’ll need to determine how many “matches” there will be in your memory game.  We used each type of the included foam and felt stickers.  There were 16 different ones, for a total of 32 stickers {2 of each, to create a match}.  That means we’ll need 32 cards.

So, I cut 32- 2.5″ white cardstock squares.  I used a paper cutter, which made the process quick and easy.  If you don’t have one, scissors will do.  After cutting the cardstock, I then cut 2″ squares {32 in total} from my scrapbook paper.

memory game card corners

Now, the next step is optional, but I do feel as if it adds a lot to the look of the final project.  I used a corner rounding punch I have to round the corners of each cardstock and scrapbook paper square.  As I mentioned, this is definitely optional.  If you choose not to do this, just proceed to the next step.

memory game adding double-sided tape

Next, we took the double-sided tape and adhered the scrapbook paper squares to one side of each cardstock square.  Just eyeball it and line it up the best that you can.

memory game adding the stickers

Now for the fun part– adding the stickers.  You’ll want to add one sticker to the other side of each cardstock square– NOT the one you just added cardstock to.  Again, just eyeball it and center the sticker the best you can.

memory game

That’s it.  You’ve just made a Fun & Easy Memory Game to enjoy with your child.

To play, turn all the cards upside down {scrapbook paper facing up}.  Each player takes a turn turning over 2 cards at a time and attempting to make a match.  In our house, if you get a match, you get to go again.  Not sure if this is actually a rule or not, but it’s one that we use.  When all matches have been made, the player with the most matches is the winner.

fun & easy memory game memory game play

Just so you know… my five year old beat me by a landslide.  And… I didn’t just let her win, either.

This is such a fun project that even the youngest kiddos can assist with.  And, when you’re done, you’ve got a fun game that the whole family can enjoy.

memory game cards

We’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to test out all the many products that Pom Tree Kids has to offer.  With such a wide-range of versatile supplies, I know we’ll be pulling out our Pom Tree Kids stickers and kits quite often.

Make sure to connect with Pom Tree Kids for more fun kids craft ideas:

Additionally, Pom Tree Kids is giving away TEN Pom Tree Kids Gift Baskets– valued at $50 each!

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  1. Sue Hull says:

    I’d like the Mega Kit for my 2 nieces. I love doing crafts with them. They’re very creative little girls,and the best part is I always get one of the crafts they make to put on my desk. Thank you 🙂

  2. Jennifer T. says:

    I think my daughter would love the Our Day on the Town Sticker Storybook.

  3. Gayle S says:

    I would love to try the Mega Playscape Creativity Kit. It would be fun to have the supplies to make multiple projects in one kit.

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