Best Easy Meal- BBQ Shrimp Po’ Boy Sandwiches {Meal Recipe}

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#shop BBQ shrimp po boy sandwiches

When we were living in South Carolina, there were so many things that I missed about Georgia.  Now that we’re living back in our home state, I have a long list of things that I miss about the lowcountry.

One of those is the food.

Charleston is known for amazing cuisine, especially seafood.  Being situated along the coast, seafood restaurants have access to the freshest selection possible.  In fact, at some of my favorite restaurants, you can even watch the day’s catch being brought in each evening.  I’ll admit that I probably spent less time deciding what to make for dinner when we lived in South Carolina.  Instead we’d head out and enjoy an evening full of amazing food and gorgeous sunsets.

Lately, I’ve been really craving my favorite dish– a Shrimp Po’ Boy.  These sandwiches originated in Louisiana and are traditional submarine sandwiches filled with meat- usually roast beef or seafood.  While I love a good roast beef sandwich, my favorite variety is definitely shrimp.  I’ve had the Shrimp Po’ Boy made many different ways- from fried shrimp to garlic shrimp to BBQ shrimp.  And– every last one of them was incredibly delicious.

Now, I may not have shrimp that’s as fresh as what I got used to in South Carolina.  But– I do have shrimp.  And, I really miss my Shrimp Po’ Boy sandwiches.  So… I decided to recreate one at home.

#shop bbq shrimp po boys with kraft recipe makers

Feast your eyes on the best easy meal I have whipped up lately.  This is the BBQ Shrimp Po’ Boy Sandwich.

These tasty little shrimp went from freezer to mouth-watering sandwich in well under 30 minutes.  Thanks to this awesome new meal starter from Kraft, I had everything needed to make the BBQ shrimp.  I just provided the rest of the sandwich fixings and we had a delicious dinner that I cannot wait to make again.

Would you like to make some sandwiches as well?  Of course you would!

#shop BBQ shrimp po' boy sandwich

BBQ Shrimp Po’ Boy Sandwiches {Makes 4 Sandwiches}


  • Kraft Recipe Makers- Hickory BBQ Beef
  • 1 lb. Shrimp {I used small}
  • Sandwich Rolls
  • Optional sandwich toppings {I used shredded cheese and lettuce}

Let’s get started.  You’ll want to start by preparing your shrimp.  I used frozen small shrimp, tails removed and deveined.  A tip if you start with frozen shrimp– thaw them by placing shrimp in a colander and running cold water over them.  In about 5 minutes, shrimp will be thawed and ready to use.  The cold water will thaw them, yet keep the shrimp from cooking.

Next, place your shrimp in a pan on the stove.  Pour the Brown Sugar and Cider Vinegar simmer sauce from the recipe makers meal kit over the shrimp.  Turn the stove eye to medium heat and allow the shrimp to cook in the sauce.  Keep an eye on the shrimp, stirring occasionally.  This process took about 12 minutes for my small shrimp.  You’ll know the shrimp are done when they begin to turn white, curl up, and shrink slightly.

While the shrimp cook, go ahead and prepare your sandwich rolls.  I wanted mine to be toasted and buttered, so I heated the oven and toasted them while the shrimp cooked.

#shop BBQ Shrimp

When the shrimp is done cooking, drain the sauce from the pan.  Return the shrimp to the pan and add the Sweet Hickory BBQ finishing sauce.  Now, I only added about 1/3 to 1/2 of the packet– enough to coat the shrimp well.  You can add as much or as little sauce as you like.  I turned the stove eye on to medium once again– just long enough to heat the sauce.

Once everything was heated, I placed a bed of lettuce on the bread.  I topped that with a heaping portion of shrimp and some shredded cheese.

That’s it.  The BBQ Shrimp Po’ Boys are complete.

#shop bbq shrimp po' boy sandwiches

This is hands down the BEST quick meal I have made in months.  I’m really excited about the Kraft Recipe Makers and and after having great success recreating one of my favorite meals, I cannot wait to try the other 8 varieties as well.  There was literally no meal prep and a very small cook time.  As a busy mom trying to juggle homeschool, running a household, and getting my work completed each day, I am thankful for a little assistance when it comes to getting a hot meal on the table each night.

To get more ideas for quick family meals, I invite you to connect with Kraft:


BBQ Shrimp Po Boy Recipe

BBQ Shrimp Po Boy Recipe


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    My son is very fond of shrimp and he said you once had a shrimp po boy. I’m going to try and make this recipe for him. Thanks!

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