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I have been a “crafter” since long before I knew that word even existed!  I remember sitting at my Granny’s old pedal sewing machine, stitching up pillows out of whatever fabric I could get my hands on.  My mom loves to tell stories of me taking scissors and a sheet of paper, trying to cut it into as many tiny pieces as possible.

Creating is something I was exposed to at a very young age and something that continues to remain close to my heart.  Now that I have a little one of my own, I strive to share with her to as many different art tools and types of art as possible.  She’s a lefty, so this often means seeking out special scissors and other supplies that aren’t as readily available.

I don’t mind though, because I fully understand, appreciate, and support providing children with the tools they need to express themselves creatively.

I have seen firsthand that art can be a gateway for children to express themselves when they just don’t have the words to do so.  My daughter often likes to sketch facial expressions to match her mood.  In her weather journal, she tends to draw what she sees and how the weather makes her feel as opposed to simply writing “sunny” or “cloudy”.  Art sparks a child’s creativity unlike anything else and has the power to really unlike a child’s potential.

In my home, we make time for art each and every day– often times, multiple times per day!  We have a special block of time in our homeschool schedule that is set aside for art.  However, it often carries over and shows up in other subject areas as well.

However, I know full well that not all children are exposed to creating as much as my daughter is.  Sometimes, parents just don’t know where to start when it comes to art because it’s something they never really did as a child.  Other times, the supplies simply aren’t available.  I know– necessities like food and clothes come first, and there isn’t always money leftover for a new box of oil pastels.



That’s why I am thrilled to learn about Fiskars Shape Their Future.

This is a SUPER simple service project that enables you to do some good and be a Champion for Kids!  Doesn’t that just put a smile on your face?  It should!  Let me give you the rundown on how you get involved in Shaping the Future.

Head out and pick up some school supplies.  Now is pretty much the PERFECT time to do this.  Many stores that have leftover school supplies from the Back-to-School season have marked them down, meaning deep savings for you.  Your dollar can stretch further and you can afford to do more good.

Pick a place to donate.  There are about an infinite number of wonderful schools and organizations that could benefit from the donation of craft tools.  However, if you’re drawing a blank, here’s a generic list to get your mind going:

  • Friend who is a classroom teacher
  • Local preschool
  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Afterschool program
  • Elementary school
  • Childcare center

fiskars champions for kids

Since my little one is so blessed with supplies, I wanted to take the time to teach her about giving back and help Shape the Future for children who may not be as exposed to different types of art as she is.

Our local Walmart was full of a HUGE variety of inspiring art tools— some I didn’t even know existed!  We picked up colored glue, oil pastels, construction paper in every color of the rainbow, markers that color on windows, crayons, and much more.  Of course, we made sure to get a hefty supply of Fiskars Scissors for both students AND teachers!  We had more fun than you can imagine simply shopping for supplies.

We actually knew exactly where our donation was headed.  It was something we decided long before we arrived at the store.  We decided to send a gigantic art care package to my niece’s preschool.  It’s a privately funded school that is simply amazing.  They have hearts bigger than you can imagine and always strive to be a positive, uplifting place for each and every child.

I’ve actually been to this school before and I know they have art supplies such as paper, paint, and crayons.  However, our goal was to give them things they didn’t have and might not have the budget to purchase.  Besides, I know that nothing can inspire quite like new art tools!

fiskars creativity tags free download

The school isn’t located in our town, so we made up beautiful baskets for my mom to hand deliver in the coming weeks.  I also made some tags to hang on the baskets that will hopefully encourage the teachers to get creative and break out these new tools in their classrooms.

I made the tags into a PDF file and have uploaded them as a free download for all of you.  There is two of each tag on the page– plenty for you to make a few donations to some worthy children in your area.

Download FREE Creativity Tags

And– just to serve as  a little more inspiration, I wanted to show you this cute and easy little project that Raileigh and I whipped up earlier this week.

trendy cupcake toppers

These darling flags are Trendy Cupcake Toppers and I actually got the idea off the Fiskars website.  I used some 1/2″ strips of paper, my trusty Fiskars Pinking Shears, double-sided tape, and toothpicks to create them.  You see..  today is actually Raileigh’s FIFTH birthday, so these little flags will be going atop some cupcakes at her party this weekend!

mickey mouse coffee cake

In the meantime, I’m using them on our birthday breakfast– Mickey-Shaped Coffee Cake {yup– using my ever-trusty cinnamon coffee cake recipe}.  She wanted Mickey Waffles for breakfast, but since we aren’t at Disney World, the coffee cake will have to do!

So… after you get done drooling over our breakfast, really consider becoming a Champion for Kids and helping to Shape the Future with Fiskars.  I don’t know about you, but I want to live in a world surrounded by creative people who love to make things and create art.  if we don’t ensure that children have the tools to express themselves creatively, I’m afraid that imagination and creativity will die out over time.

It’s easy to make a difference and the change starts right here- with you.

champion for kids

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