Take Shopping to the Next Level with KuKee and Evy of CA! {Review}

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kukee evy of ca

ah– it’s that time of year again– back-to-school.

This is an especially exciting year for us because it’s Raileigh’s first year of school.  Yes, we are choosing to homeschool, but I wanted to make a big deal of it anyhow.  School is important no matter where it takes place, and I want Raileigh to understand and believe that as well.

One of my favorite things about going back-to-school when I was growing up was shopping.  I vividly remember my mom taking me to pick out new clothes and supplies.  It was lots of fun and created some amazing lifelong memories for me.

So, even though it’s just me and her here at our school every day, I wanted to take her back-to-school shopping as well.  After all, every little girl I know enjoys picking out new clothes and getting all dressed up in new outfits.

evy of CA

We made multiple stops on our little shopping excursion and picked up some of the cutest clothes.  Our first {and perhaps favorite} stop was Macy’s.  That’s because they carry an absolutely adorable line of Hello Kitty clothing from Evy of CA.  In fact, the sales lady at Macy’s told us “Welcome to Hello Kitty World” when we entered the girls department!

It was like Hello Kitty overload.  There were so many things to choose from– shirts, tops, dresses, skirts, outfits, rompers, jackets– you name it, thy probably had it.  We spent a very long time perusing all the options and it was incredibly hard to decide what needed to come home with us.

In the end, I left the purchasing decisions up to my four year old.  She quickly zeroed in on an adorable and versatile black Hello Kitty skirt from Evy of CA accompanied by a matching and equally cute striped tee.  She then asked if we could get something for her cousin as well.  Who am I to say “no” to such a generous request?  So, we picked up an additional skirt and top– same style, different colors so they wouldn’t be too over the top matchy.

These little outfits have so much going for them, far beyond the obvious cuteness.  Let me show you.

kukee marker

Meet KuKee— an outrageously fun app that unlocks unique user experiences.  With it’s zany attitude and quick-witted ways, KuKee allows each guest augmented interaction with their favorite brands {like Evy of CA!}.

To get started:

  1. Download KuKee to your mobile device {it’s free}.
  2. Find a KuKee marker like the one pictured above.
  3. Aim your mobile device at the marker.
  4. This will activate your digital experience and allow you to engage!
  5. Share the marker and experience with friends using #mykukee

evy kukee

Now– back to how the clothes play into all this.  You see, the tag on Evy of CA garments is actually a KuKee marker!  So, we aimed my phone at the Hello Kitty tag on the skirt and this enabled us to open the virtual Hello Kitty Puppet Show!

Oh my word– this puppet show is incredibly adorable.  You get to make a 4 slide puppet show with the puppets that came with your clothing {they either come with a stuffed puppet or little temporary tattoo ones}.  You’ll smile, pose, spin, and jump.  Then, you get to decorate the images that were captured during the show.

kukee + evy of ca

So far, we’ve captured the Hello Kitty marker, as well as a green KuKee and a blue KuKee.  I look forward to keeping our eyes peeled for the remaining KuKee images so that we can collect them all.

We love KuKee and Evy of CA because they have truly taken shopping to the next level by making it an interactive experience like no other.

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  1. Sue Hull says:

    You two girls look so cute! My 2 nieces hannah and grace would love these clothes. I’m going to have to tell my sister to take them to Macy’s. They go to a Christian school and have to wear uniforms but these are good anytime clothes. I’m not much of a shopper myself. I did when my daughter was little tho. You two girls have a great school year 🙂

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