Raileigh’s Favorite Vitamins- L’il Critters Gummy Vites {Review}

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Growing up, I remember taking vitamins every day.  They were supposed to be some fruity flavor and taste good.  But, I found them to be chalky and pretty bland.

Thankfully, vitamins have came a long way since then.

We’ve been relying on vitamins as a supplement to Raileigh’s diet since she was very young.  Raileigh has always been a vegetarian– yes, even since she was consuming jars of baby food.  I have introduced her to a large variety of meats and she turns her nose up at each and every one of them.  She simply does not like the taste of meat.  Couple that with a peanut allergy and it can be difficult to ensure that she is getting the daily recommendation of everything that she needs.

To get the protein and other nutrients that meat gives her we use foods such as greek yogurt as well as vitamins.  We have tried multiple varieties of vitamins over the years.  Vitamins really are an essential supplement to her diet and I want to ensure that she actually enjoys taking them.

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Though she likes several of the ones that I have given her, one variety is her clear favorite– L’il Critters Gummy Vites.

These adorable little bear shaped gummy vitamins are nutritious, delivering vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, as well as other nutrients that children need.  They are colored using plants and vegetables– no artificial dyes here!

To show you just how much Raileigh prefers these vitamins…

I actually have two bottles of gummy vitamins in our cabinet right now- one is the L’il Critter Gummy Vites and one is a bottle of gummy vitamins shaped like some of her favorite characters.  I picked it up before we went to Disney World a few months ago because I thought they would be fun for her.  Regardless, Raileigh asks for L’il Critters.  If you try to hand her the character shaped vitamins, she will inform you that she wants the bears.

l'il critters gummy vites

When I asked her why she simply told me “they taste better”.  So, there you have it.  L’il Critters Gummy Vites taste REALLY GOOD.  My child asks for them, likes them, and reminds me to give her vitamins each morning if I happen to forget.  So, yes.  I will continue to buy L’il Critters vitamins because they make my child enjoy getting those nutrients she needs and that it truly priceless.

Make sure to connect with L’il Critters to find out more about the Gummy Vites and all the other awesome products they make.


  1. Sue Hull says:

    I remember taking the Flintstones vitamins and they tasted like tums. LOL!! My nieces both take gummy vitamins and they love them. I saw a commercial the other day for adult gummy vitamins and I plan on buying some.Most vitamins upset my stomach so I don’t take a multi-vitamin.I take vitamins B6 & B12. Now that I know not just gummies for kids but for adults is available I’m so happy. Those little bear ones are cute 🙂

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