Quick Scrappy Quilt {Tutorial}

Quick Scrappy Quilt

Kevin and I are expecting our first child in October of this year. We currently live in a basement apartment – with limited space. As our little princess’s due date is coming up quickly… we are rearranging our entire apartment to make room for her sweet little things.

My craft room was originally in this little “nook” room that is in our apartment. It worked out PERFECTLY — until we needed a room for Brooklynn. Kevin and I decided that my craft room was going to have to move into the living room so that Brooklynn’s things could live in the nook.

When I was moving all of my stuff, I began sorting through my fabric. I was getting rid of some of it… storing away some of it… and keeping out some of it. As I was organizing and sorting — I noticed that I had a TON of pink fabric. Not only that… most of the pink fabric that I had was either NOT something I would use ever again — or not enough to make its’ own project.

It was simply TOO MUCH fabric to throw it away… so I decided to make a quick scrappy quilt out of what I had.

Scrappy Quilt

I’m going to give y’all a quick tutorial so that if any of you run across this same problem — you can use your fabrics instead of either throwing them away or having them take up space in your craft room. This tutorial is JUST for the quilt top — and it is not “size” specific. That way, you can make your quilt as small or as large as you want!!

Quick Scrappy Quilt Top Instructions: 

  • Gather all of the fabric scraps that you want to include in your quilt. You do NOT need to necessarily have a color scheme… and you don’t have to have the same amount of each fabric pattern, either! Just gather as much {or as little} as you have and create your quilt from that! 
  • Cut all of the fabric into 3 inch strips. These can be as long as the fabric is — and, they can be all different lengths. You will end up trimming them up in the end! Just make sure that your strips are AT LEAST 10.5 inches long. That way, it will be long enough to trim into the appropriate size squares after you sew them together.


  • Put the strips in a stack. This can either be COMPLETELY random… or you can make a pattern out of it. Personally, I did mine completely random — only being sure that there weren’t two of the same fabric next to each other. You can put all the strips in a bag and choose at random to make your stack.
  • After that, sew your strips in sets of four. Be sure to iron your strips once you have sewn them together.
  • Use your rotary cutter to trim your strip bundles. I made sure that each “set of four” was trimmed to 10×10 inches. Be sure that ALL of your “sets of four” are exactly the same size.
  • Sew the squares together. The amount of squares that you end up sewing together is completely up to you. With my fabric scraps, I had enough to make my quilt top 6×6 “sets of four”.

Scrappy Close Up

When I sewed the “sets of four” together, I made sure to alternate their orientation {shown in the picture above}.

This has to be the LOUDEST quilt {and the pinkest} that I have ever made. BUT – it was quick, easy, and put all of those pink scraps to great use! It took me about two days to make this quilt top {which is super quick}! I will probably be making another one similar to this with the random colors of fabric I still have in my stash!

I hope you’ve enjoyed!



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