Pigeon Presents… Mo on the Go {Mo Willems App review}

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I love love love Mo Willems.  In fact, I was actually reading all about Pigeon and Mo Willems other fabulous characters long before I had a child of my own.  What can I say… I have a thing for children’s books.

Thankfully, my little one enjoys Mo Willems and his lovable stories just as much as I do.  I was reading Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus to her before she could even talk.  And, the Elephant and Piggie books were some of the first that she read on her own.

Yes– we most certainly are fans of this fun and unique author.

Needless to say, we were thrilled to hear about the newest Mo Willems app– Pigeon Presents… Mo on the Go.

Pigeon Presents… Mo on the Go brings his beloved stories to life like never before.  Children {or you… I won’t tell} can interact with the characters they know and love, creating experiences that make the beloved books even more special than they already are.

Here’s a sampling of some of the fun you can have:

  • LET the Pigeon Drive the Bus {It’s in his dreams… but still…}
  • Create one-of-a-kind art using a Squillem with a friend OR right alongside Mo himself
  • Create a monster with our favorite monster, Leonardo
  • Visit Elephant and Piggie’s Dance-o-Rama and get your groove on
  • Add fun stickers to pictures you take or to scenes from Knufflebunny

pigeon app

Plus, as you play you unlock even more stickers that are then stored in your sticker vault.

What’s our favorite part?

Well… that’s a tough question because seriously every part of this app is awesome.  There’s something that feels a tad bit naughty about letting the Pigeon actually drive the bus, even if it’s only in his dreams.  But– it also feels pretty good!

I think Raileigh enjoys the Dance-o-Rama the best.  Which, really isn’t all that surprising.  She’s a little dancer at heart.  Plus, somehow she even made Mo Willems dance one time.  Not sure what she did, but she came running to show me and I will admit that it was pretty cool.

I like the create a monster activity.  It’s fun to discover all the different combinations you can create and try to scare Leonardo once they are finished.  Raileigh has been a bit scared of monsters lately, and I hope that a fun activity like this can help to ease that fear.

Overall, this app is definitely a winner.  Even if you aren’t a Mo Willems fan {gasp!} it’s still full of fun activities to enjoy.

Pigeon Presents… Mo on the Go is currently available on iTunes and Nook.

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