New Convenient Snacktime Options from Lunchables Jr.

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I have a child who is a picky eater– scratch that, a very picky eater.  Despite having two meat-loving parents, Raileigh is a vegetarian.  She has been since the moment that I started feeding her solid foods, always turning her nose up at any type of meat.  I’ve even tried hiding it in things, such as rice and soup.  But, she knows it’s there– and she always picks it out.

In addition to being picky, Raileigh also has several allergies, one of which is peanuts.  Her allergy is actually a contact allergy, so when she touches a peanut product, she instantly begins swelling up and getting hives.

Needless to say, feeding her can be quite the challenge.  Not only is mealtime difficult {I often essentially prepare two meals}, but snacktime can be hard as well, especially on-the-go.  Many of her favorite snack products, such as yogurt, cheese, and fruit, must be kept cold.  This isn’t the easiest thing to do when you’re out and about.

enjoying lunchables jr.

That’s why I was really excited to hear about new Lunchables Jr.  This is a brand new snack option for kids ages 3 and over.  Exclusively at Walmart, Lunchables Jr. is from Lunchables- a brand we all know for easy and convenient lunch combinations.  Lunchables Jr. is located on the baby food aisle {near other toddler snacktime options} and comes in four varieties:

  • Blueberry Bonanza– Cheez-It Crackers, Blueberry Flavored Dried Apple Pieces, and Mini Nilla Wafers
  • Teddy Bear Picnic– Peanut Butter, Dried Apple Pieces, and Teddy Grahams {Naturally Flavored} Honey Graham Snacks
  • Very Beary Crunch– Ritz Bits Cheese Cracker Sandwiches, Strawberry Flavored Dried Apple Pieces, and Teddy Grahams {Naturally Flavored} Honey Graham Snacks
  • Ants on a Log– Peanut Butter, Sun-Maid Raisins, and Honey Graham Sticks

We recently visited our local Walmart and picked up all four varieties.  We were actually shopping for a baby gift and spotted the signage down one of the aisles.  Luckily, I’d already printed out my Lunchables Jr. coupon {check it out above!}, so we decided to pick some up that day {see my shopping trip over on Google+}.  The packaging is really cute and Raileigh was excited that she could peek at the snacks through the side of the package.

blueberry bonanza lunchables jr.

She got to put one of the Lunchables Jr. snacks to the test a few days later when we headed to the park.  I’d been planning to go to the park all week and had grand plans for our day.  However, the morning didn’t go as planned when we had to deal with a tire issue on our car and a major issue with our email hosting system.

When we eventually got headed towards the park, my brain was already done for the day.  So, I was completely thankful for the convenience of Lunchables Jr. When we needed a snack break and a little time to cool off from the heat, we headed to a nearby picnic shelter and broke out our snack.  Raileigh was pretty excited to see that Blueberry Bonanza had two of her favorite things– Mini Nilla Wafers and Cheez-Its.  Plus, there were some little blueberry flavored dried apple pieces that essentially reminded me of a healthy fruit snack.

snacktime with lunchables jr.

She scarfed down every bit of her Lunchables Jr.  It did take a bit of encouragement to get her to try the apple bits {she thought they looked weird}, but in the end she discovered they were rather tasty!

I’ve also discovered that Lunchables Jr. is great to have on hand at home as well.  Some afternoons, when school is over for the day and I am frantically trying to get all my work done, it’s nice to have an easy option she can just go grab out of the pantry.

very beary crunch lunchables jr.

You might have noticed that two of the options have peanut butter, which I told you my little one was allergic to.  Well, I bought them anyhow because I thought they looked really good.  I’m an especially big fan of Ants on a Log.  I just dipped my graham sticks in the peanut butter and ate the raisins.  It was pretty much the perfect afternoon snack.  Yeah– I’m pretty much just an oversized little kid…

So, these new Lunchables may have found a permanent spot in our pantry because Raileigh and I both pretty much love them.  With three different yummy snacks in each convenient package, snacktime cannot get much easier.

ants on a log lunchables jr.

I invite you to visit Lunchables Jr. online to find out more about this awesome new snack option:


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