My AWESOME New Reebok Running Shoes from Famous Footwear {Review}

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Having a baby really changed my body drastically.  Perhaps it’s because I am so small and Raileigh really had nowhere to grow but out.  All I know is that my body didn’t bounce back as quickly as other new mom’s that I was around.

I realized at some point that I was really going to have to work at it if I wanted anything resembling a pre-baby body.  However, I always shrugged it off, saying that I didn’t have time to make it happen.  So, I continued to look in the mirror, unhappy because I knew that I could do better.

Then, sometime at the end of last year, something inside of me “clicked”.  I knew that in order to be the best mother and the best wife that I can be, I had to start making time for myself and taking care of myself. I began making a point to eat healthier.  I discovered a new-found infatuation for broccoli, among other healthy things.  I had always prepared meals for my family regularly, but I began experimenting with new, fresh ingredients and found a true love of cooking.

I also began exercising often.  It was hard at first to both make the time for it and do the exercises.  However, I stuck with it and discovered that this is something that I loved as well.  I tried a variety of at-home exercise programs before figuring out what works for me.  And, to be honest, it’s something I am still working on! Along the way, I have picked up some tricks that make working out go more smoothly for me.

One little tidbit that I will pass along is that it is important to wear good, supportive shoes.  There is a huge variety of athletic shoes on the market and what works for your friend, may not work for you.  You need something that is comfortable, yet supportive.  Don’t judge a shoe entirely on the cuteness factor.  Remember to look at the technology and features that the shoe has to offer as well.

reebok zig

I’ve tried out many different shoes over the past year.  Some I love to exercise in, and some I have discovered are really more of a “fashion” shoe than an “athletic” shoe.  Recently, though, I picked up a pair of shoes that have been fabulous for working out inside, taking family walks, or any other activities we may enjoy– the Reebok Women’s Zig Kick.

Even though it has nothing to do with the actual shoe performance, let’s start with the look of these shoes.  After all, I do still enjoy looking cute when I exercise!  Pink and black has long been one of my favorite color combinations and these shoes show the colors off beautifully.  The overall design of the shoe is easy on the eye and the shoes look great paired with a variety of things.

The Reebok Women’s Zig Kick are classified as a running shoe.  Even though I am not a runner thanks to my lovely knees, I found these shoes to be great for a variety of other exercise as well.  The ZigTech Cushioning Technology is perfect for shock absorption.  That makes them ideal for anything where you experience an impact.  I’ve worn them on evening walks, during my P90x legs workout, and hiking in the woods.  The cushioning technology helps there to be less of an impact on my knees, which is a very welcome thing.

reebok womens zig shoes

The Zig Kick also has a rubber traction outsole.  This helps you to stay grounded and not slip.  I’ve had my share of falls in the past, and those are never fun for anyone.  The traction that is built into this shoe doesn’t eliminate falls completely, but it does help significantly.

Reebok has also built this shoe for comfort, which is always quite welcome.  There is ample cushioning inside the shoe and my feet felt great from the moment I put the shoes on.  There is padding surrounding your foot, from the soles to the padded tongue.  I have never once experienced any discomfort when wearing these shoes, which I attribute to the well-cushioned design of the shoe.

This is my very first pair of Reebok shoes and I have to say that I am quite impressed.  The performance of the shoe and the overall design has been wonderful.  They seem to run true-to-size, making it easy to find the perfect pair of shoes for me.

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I would definitely consider purchasing Reebook again in the future.  Though… I would most likely order online at Famous Footwear because my local store had a pitiful selection of Reebok in stock.

And– just as a side note… I ordered my daughter several pair of back-to-school shoes on the Famous Footwear website and the whole process was SO EASY!  I was able to take advantage of a “Buy 1, Get 1 50% off sale” that was in addition to the sale prices.  The shoes were shipped rather quickly and I never once had to fight crowds or step foot inside a store.  It was awesome.

If you have used Reebok shoes to exercise before, I’d love to hear about your experience.


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