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From the beginning of my pregnancy, I have been OBSESSED with making sure that I do anything and everything I can to prevent stretch marks on my belly. I have tried many different products and “old wives tales” in the hopes of keeping my skin nice and smooth. Upon preparing for the #FromBumpToBaby event here at Wee Share, I came across a company that has a complete line of skin care products specifically designed for pregnant women. This company is, Mustela.


About Mustela Maternity: (As taken from the Mustela website)

Mustela 9 Months® is the only complete line of specific skin care products designed to accompany your changing skin during pregnancy and postpartum. These products are developed under medical supervision and are clinically tested to provide safety, efficacy and pleasure of use.

Mustela 9 Months® draws upon the unique association of 3 specific active ingredients:

  • Elastoregulator®, a natural active ingredient that enables skin to adapt to tissue stretching by strengthening its elasticity. It directly activates the production of the skin’s support proteins.
  • Lupeol, a plant extract, stimulates biosynthesis and ensures that the collagen, naturally produced by the skin, is of good quality.
  • Avocado Peptides reduce the skin’s increased reactivity and limits feelings of hypersensitivity. The skin is soothed and remains elastic and supple, to better withstand stretching.

Mustela 9 Months® hypoallergenic* and lightly fragranced products are designed and manufactured by healthcare professionals to guarantee optimum safety when used during pregnancy, postpartum and while breastfeeding. Clinical tests are performed under medical supervision (dermatological, gynecological and phlebological) to ensure the efficacy of Mustela 9 Months® products.

*Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.


Each product from the Mustela Maternity line has a specific purpose and function. That is one thing I love about this company — there is a product to help with your specific pregnancy skin care need! Check out each product and description below (as taken from the Mustela website).


Stretch Marks Double Action

Helps strengthen skin elasticity. Helps prevent and minimize early stretch marks. Elastoregulator (soy peptide derivative), Avocado Peptides and Lupeol combined with Alpha Hydroxy Acid moisturizers and nourishing oils preserve your skin’s elasticity and suppleness. Arabinogalactane (patented ingredient) helps skin withstand stretching to prevent new stretch marks


Specific Support Bust

Helps promote firmness and prevent loss of elasticity. Helps promote firmness and prevent loss of skin elasticity which may occur after birth: Strengthens skin elasticity and suppleness with Elastoregulator® (a soy peptide derivative) which, combined with a wheat protein and Lupeol contributes to increase resistance to changes in breast volume.


Instant Comfort Legs

Immediately relaxes and refreshes legs. Ensures long-lasting hydration and toning. Helps strengthen the wall of leg tissue with the combined action of Elastoregulator® (soy peptide derivative), Lupeol and two stimulating active plant substances (Escin and Ximeninate). Moisturizes skin with hyaluronic acid-based formulation.


Ultimate Hydration

Intensive moisturizing body lotion soothes, moisturizes and nourishes dry irritated skin during pregnancy. Soothes and comforts dry, irritated skin with its soothing complex containing Avocado Peptides and licorice root.


Stretch Marks Intensive Action

Intensive zone care Special treatment to minimize existing stretch marks during pregnancy or after birth. Proven Efficacy & Clinically Proven: 100% of women confirmed a decrease in color and appearance if stretch marks.


Post Partum Resurrecting Gel

Helps remodel body contours with two patented active ingredients: Genistein and Sophora Japonica, with draining properties to effectively redefine body contours while limiting the buildup of fatty tissues.

Nursing Comfort Balm

A soothing, dermo-repairing cream, intended for moms who have chosen to breastfeed. Protects, hydrates and purifies, with Shea butter, glycerin and sea salt, making the nipples skin more supple and more resistant.

Stretch Marks Survival Belly and Bust (1)_2
Stretch Marks Survival: Belly and Bust

Mustela 9 Months is the first complete skincare range that addresses a woman’s needs through pregnancy and post-partum. Mustela Stretch Marks Survival set combines two popular products from this range to help minimize stretch marks and hydrate and soothe skin dryness…Stretch Marks Intensive Action and Ultimate Hydration.

I have been VERY fortunate throughout this pregnancy and I have not developed stretch marks on my stomach. However, I believe a lot of this has to do with the measures I have taken to prevent stretch marks from developing. I have had the opportunity to review the Stretch Marks Survival: Belly and Bust product. I have LOVED using the Ultimate Hydration on my stomach to help prevent those awful stretch marks. Using this product makes my belly feel SO soft and hydrated. Every time I use it {which is daily} my stomach feels renewed and refreshed.

Although I have been so fortunate to not have stretch marks on my stomach… the same cannot be said about my “bust”. My upper body has been changing and preparing for our sweet little Brooklynn’s arrival — and it has left me with stretch marks. Luckily, the Mustela Stretch Marks Intensive Action is safe to use on your breasts prior to baby arriving… and while you’re breast-feeding! I use this product as much as possible — and I plan on continuing using it after Brooklynn arrives and I’m breast-feeding.

If you’re pregnant and experiencing changes in your body that you do not want to stick around for the long run — go and check out the Mustela product line. I absolutely LOVE my products from this company — and I know you will, too!

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