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When Kevin and I first found out that we were pregnant, we spent a lot of time browsing around the baby sections of various stores. We would talk about the different items that we wanted for our child – whether it be a boy or a girl. We found this to be very overwhelming. This is our first child, and we had NO IDEA there was so much important and relevant items on the market for babies.

One day, we went to browse around Buy Buy Baby. At this point, we were still just getting an idea of what items we would want to register for if we had a boy… and what items that we would want to register for if we had a girl. While at Buy Buy Baby, we came across an absolutely ADORABLE walker. My husband, Kevin, immediately went crazy about this certain product and said that – if we were having a girl – that she HAD to have this. It was a bright pink classic car walker made by Combi — and it is absolutely adorable and fabulous.

About Combi USA (as taken from the Combi website)

Derived from the word, “combination,” Combi refers to the relationship between children and their caretakers. Since its establishment in 1989 as a subsidiary of Combi Corporation in Japan, Combi USA strives to create and provide products that enhance this fundamental relationship. As a member of the juvenile products industry, Combi USA has cultivated a firm and continuously growing foundation of consumer trust and loyalty. Today, Combi USA offers products ranging from strollers to feeding sets while ensuring that each item makes children a little happier and parenting a little easier.


All-in-One Activity Walker

About this product: (as taken from the Combi website)

The Combi All-In-One is a classic car-themed entertainment center that allows your child to stand, jump and explore his or her surroundings. The mobile entertainer has a three-position height adjustment and functions as a walker with a lockable jumper feature. The electronic play tray features fun sounds, lights, mirrors and toys to entertain and stimulate your little one. The car hood can be removed to create a large tray surface for snacks and drinks.

How absolutely ADORABLE is that? There is a certain element to this product that immediately draws you in. This has happened twice to us in the time that I have been pregnant. I mentioned the first time already — when Kevin and I saw it in Buy Buy Baby prior to knowing whether we were having a boy or a girl. The second time that this product has had an immediately positive effect on someone in our lives was just last week. My mom and sister had not ever had the opportunity to go to Buy Buy Baby. After my first baby shower for Brooklynn, we decided to take a trip to let them see the store. As we were walking through the section with the bouncers and walkers… the hot pink All-in-One Activity Walker made by Combi caught my mother’s eye. She immediately RAN over to it and started “oohing” and “awwing” over how absolutely adorable Brooklynn would look in that walker.

Combi not only sells adorable activity walkers, they also have a wide variety of high quality baby products that are absolutely necessary for infants and toddlers. So — head on over to their website and check it out. I am SURE you will go absolutely nuts over the breathtaking products that are offered at this company… just like I did!

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