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Several months ago, I told all of you about a fantastic opportunity that had presented itself to me– the chance to run in an invitation-only race at Disney’s Wide World of Sports.  I have dreamed for years of running at Disney, but I have never ever been a runner before.

I trained– hard, but well within my physical limits.  I got better with each run and my pace was within the requirement to run.

Then, a few weeks before heading to Disney, my bad ol’ knees really started telling on me.  I’ve had bad knees for about 10 years now and when they first started acting up, the doctor told me that it was a very good thing I wasn’t a runner.  At the time, I was like “yeah right.  you don’t have to worry about that ever being an issue”.

I could not have foreseen being given the chance to run at my most favorite place on Earth.  That kinda changed things.

I dialed back my training, trying to get the knees to carry me through the race.  I was doing well and was certain that I’d be able to handle it.

We headed down to Disney a few days early, and thanks to passes left over from our honeymoon almost 9 years ago, we enjoyed an extra day in the park.  We started off our day at Magic Kingdom and spent the evening at EPCOT.  We walked for miles in the 14 hours that we spent at Disney that day.

And, by the end of the day, I was limping.

I iced my knee, I propped it up, and I did everything that I knew to do to make the pain go away.  It didn’t happen.  The morning of the race, one knee was considerably larger than the other, and I was doing good to walk without a limp, let alone run.  I was forced to back out of the race, knowing that there was no way I could maintain the minimum pace.

I’ll admit to you– I cried.  I saw something I had wanted so badly just slipping away and it completely crushed me.  Though Disney hosts many races every year, this race was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  It was my shot to get my knees across a finish line.  And– it didn’t happen.

Knees are a funny thing, especially when you’ve got bad ones like I do.  They need exercise to stay healthy, but only certain kinds of exercise and only so much of it.  It’s a delicate balance that is hard but necessary to maintain, and one that I continually struggle to find.

Needless to say, I overdo it from time to time.  I can tend to be overzealous and forget that my knees quite frankly stink.  When that happens, I need something to help ease the pain and get me going again.  However, there are about a gazillion and one options for pain management on the market and choosing one to use was like a shot in the dark.

answers at walgreebs

So, I turned to Answers at Walgreens.

This amazing FREE program from Walgreens helps you to find the right product for you to deal with whatever pain it is you are experiencing.    There are two ways to utilize Answers at Walgreens:

  • In Store {face to face with trusted pharmacist}
  • 24/7 Online Chat {Secure chat with a trusted pharmacist}

I wanted to have an idea of what I needed to pick up before heading out, so I decided to utilize the 24/7 online chat.  As the name suggests, this chat is available all day, every day.  So, whenever you’re seeking pain relief guidance, the chat will be available.

walgreens chat

I signed in and within seconds I was connected with a pharmacist.  The chat was pleasant and rather quick.  I explained my pain issue with my knees, how long it had been going on, and things I had done in the past to alleviate the pain.  I also mentioned an ingredient in many pain medications that I have an intolerance to.

The online pharmacist was able to recommend a pain medication for me to try.  I jotted it down before heading to Walgreens.

Once in the store, I also took a few moments to chat with the store pharmacist, who offered additional suggestions.  This was great, as it gave me several possible solutions to choose from. If you want, you can see pictures from my shopping trip over on Google+.

walgreens answers

I went with a pain relief cream, as I have not tried anything medicated and topical previously.  I look forward to seeing the results and hopefully experiencing far less pain in my aching knees.

Do you struggle with pain as well?  Consider turning to Answers at Walgreens for advice on how to manage it.  I have been really pleased with my experience and know that I will be utilizing this free service if any future issues arise.

Make sure to connect with Walgreens to find out more about Answers at Walgreens as well as the many other fantastic services they have to offer:


  1. Beeb says:

    Oh you poor thing, I am all too familiar with knee pain (I dislocated both knees in 2010 and was in a wheelchair at one point) so I really sympathize, especially with the bitter disappointment of not being able to do something that is important to you. Hugs!!

  2. Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom says:

    I can only imagine how disappointing that had to have been for you. Hopefully another opportunity like this will present itself and you’ll be able to compete. I’m glad you were able to get some advice and hopefully some relief, from this service.

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