#IHeartMyNailArt DIY Minnie Mouse Nails with Sally Hansen

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DIY Minnie Mouse Nails

Due to the nature of Darren’s job, he has to work late a few nights each week.  While we miss having him at home, Raileigh and I often take advantage of these nights and have a Girls Night.

What we do during our special time together is completely up to her.  Sometimes we bake, sometimes we spend hours reading, and other times we curl up and watch a movie.  Regardless, though, our Girls Night almost always involves manis and pedis with Sally Hansen.

sally hansen at walgreens

Raileigh has enjoyed having her nails done since she was really young.  She’s always been able to sit impeccably still while I carefully paint each of those tiny nails.  When I first began doing her nails, I strictly stuck to one color.  After all– simply getting the paint onto such a tiny place was a challenge in itself.

As she’s grown, I’ve branched out a bit.  Often times, we’ll use several colors, alternating between the two or creating accent nails.  However, lately she’s been craving some serious nail art.  I completely blame this on my teenage sister who is incredibly creative and talented when it comes to nails.  Jesse lives a little over an hour away, though, so it isn’t so easy to include her in our Girls Night nail sessions.

What’s a mom to do?  Well, I decided to try this nail art for myself.

DIY Minnie Mouse Nails Inspiration

I headed out to pick up some fresh bottles of my go-to polish– Sally Hansen Xtreme.  I also could not resist the super fun Fuzzy Coat polishes they recently came out with.  It’s like a party in a bottle of nail polish! {You can see our entire shopping trip on Google+}

minnie mouse DIY nails

For inspiration, we looked to one of our favorite characters- Minnie Mouse.  We took her signature polka dots and used that as a starting point to create our very own Minnie Mouse inspired nails.

To create our look, we used three Sally Hansen polishes:

#IHeartNailArt Minnie Mouse Nails

I began by painting four nails red.  The pointer finger was left blank for the time being because I decided it would make a good accent nail.  To create the polka dots, I used the white Sally Hansen Xtreme polish.  I dipped a toothpick into the bottle, then gently tapped it on the nail.  As a side note, the toothpick tended to glob up over time.  My talented sister recommends using a mechanical pencil or investing in some of the awesome tools that are specially made for things such as this.

DIY Minnie Mouse Manicure

For the accent nail, I turned to the Fuzzy Polish.  This polish has a slightly different consistency than I am used to and it took three good coats to adequately cover the nail.  The results are pretty awesome, though!  Not only does it look cool, it feels really neat as well.  I kept rubbing my finger over the dried polish simply because it’s different than anything I’ve used before.

Minnie Mouse Nails

After we got done with our manis, we decided to do our toes, too!  Personally, I love to paint my toes and will often paint them before I do my nails.  I live in flip flops virtually year-round, so having cute toes is really a must.

diy minnie mouse pedicures

We had such a fun time creating our Minnie Mouse nails.  Raileigh has made a list a mile long of other nail creations she wants us to make– Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, and Mike Wazowski, just to name a few.  But, now is the perfect time to stock up!  This week, Walgreens is offering some FANTASTIC deals on Sally Hansen products.

  • Complete Salon Manicure and Fuzzy Polish-  $5.29 or 2/$10
  • Xtreme Polishes- $1.99
  • Saturday 8/25 ONLY- Pro Gel Kit- $49.99

Do you enjoy creating nail art? I Heart My Nail Art!  Share your creations with me– I’d love some inspiration.


In the meantime, connect with Sally Hansen for lots of ideas and ways to take your nails to the next level and Walgreens for updates on the best deals on Sally Hansen products


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