Disney’s Super Buddies NOW AVAILABLE {+ Super Hero FREE PRINTABLE}

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Free Super Hero Printable

So… I may or may not have the release date of every upcoming Disney movie filed away in my head.  What can I say?  Disney just never disappoints, and I know that I can count on their family-friendly titles to provide an evening of viewing pleasure for all of us.  Yesterday, an awesome new movie debuted on DVD and Blu-Ray.  Are you familiar with the Disney Buddies?  You know– the five cute little pups that delight with their talking, antics, and overall adorableness.  Well, they are BACK in the all-new Disney Super Buddies!

In case you aren’t quite as fanatical about Disney releases as I am, let me fill you on what the newest installment to the Disney Buddies line is all about:

Disney's Super Buddies Super Hero Print

Bartleby Livingstone (Trey Loney) is an amibitious twelve-year-old who dreams of one day writing and illustrating superhero comic books—just like his hero, Jack Schaeffer (Jake Brennan). Bartleby and his group of friends love dressing up like superheroes, and including their buddies, lovable golden retriever pups, in the fun!

On his twelfth birthday, Bartleby and his friends discover that their favorite comic books are true, and that planet Earth is in danger when the evil Commander Drex lands his ship on Fernfield Farms in search of the Power Rings of Inspiron. But it’s the Super Buddies to the rescue when they discover the rings themselves, and their best attributes are enhanced. It’ll take teamwork and friendship to defeat Drex and return the rings to their rightful owners.

super hero printable

Throughout the movie, there are four “rules” that the buddies share.

1.  You don’t have to have super powers to be a super hero.

2.  A super hero must always conceal his identity to protect the ones they love

3.  A super hero is friend to any being in need of rescue

4.  A super hero does good for good, not for glory

super hero printable five colors

While each rule was quite apparent throughout the movie, I felt like one truly defined Disney’s Super Buddies– You don’t have to have super powers to be a super hero.  This line really holds a lot of meaning and is such a positive message to send to each and every child who watches the movie.

So, I decided to take this and make a free printable to remind kids of this even after the movie is over.

Raileigh requested that I create it in pink, which is one of her three favorite colors.  However, to make the printable more universally appealing, I decided to whip it up in FIVE colors– one for each buddy!

free printable super hero

The printables are 8×10 and I created them in the Silhouette Studio Designer Software.  No worries, though.  I saved each creation as a PDF so you don’t need a Silhouette OR the software to enjoy them!

Super Hero Print Pink

Super Hero Print Red

Super Hero Print Yellow

Super Hero Print Green

Super Hero Print Blue

Simply click on the print you would like to have and it will take you to Google Docs, where I’ve hosted each one.  You can then download the PDF to your computer.

super hero print with borders

Even though the print is 8×10, it prints out on standard 8.5×11 paper.  Tip:  To make this printable as sturdy as possible, I recommend printing on cardstock.  I actually use textured cardstock because it adds a really cool dimension to the finished product.

Once you’ve printed, take scissors or a paper cutter and trim the white from the edges.

super hero print up close

That’s it!  You can frame your print and hang it somewhere that your little ones can see.  It’s such a great message that even if you haven’t seen Disney’s Super Buddies yet, you can still print and enjoy.

Remember– Disney’s Super Buddies debuted yesterday, August 27 as a  Blu-Ray Combo Pack.  Filled with humor and heart, I know this is one movie your family is going to love.

super hero print

Make sure to connect with Disney Buddies for awesome pictures and fun facts.

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    Disney’s Super Buddies NOW AVAILABLE {+ Super Hero FREE PRINTABLE}…

    So… I may or may not have the release date of every upcoming Disney movie filed away in my head…

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