Cuisinart Prep 9 9-Cup Food Processor Review {+ Food Processor Giveaway}

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A few months ago, a good friend was sharing one of her tried and true recipes with me.  As she was explaining the steps to me, she mentioned “after you put it in the food processor…”.  I informed her that I didn’t actually own a food processor.  She stopped and just stared at me.  I guess as much as I like to cook and bake, it completely surprised her that I didn’t have this versatile small appliance in my kitchen.

The whole conversation made me start thinking.  I recalled multiple times in the past where I had yearned for a food processor– when I wanted to shop my own chocolate for ice cream, when I wanted to make green smoothies without lumps of spinach, and basically anytime I needed to puree something.

That’s when I decided that any well-stocked kitchen does indeed need a food processor.

Before even looking at food processors, I made a list of the qualities I wanted in one.  After all, if I was going to add another small appliance to my valuable kitchen space, I wanted to make sure that it could do everything I wanted it to– and more!

cuisinart food processor

This quickly narrowed down my search and helped me zero in on the perfect food processor for me– the Cuisinart Prep 9™ 9-Cup Food Processor.

Not only does this appliance look impeccable {seriously… just look at that shiny silver}, but it also functions like a dream.  Just look at these features:

  • 9-Cup work bowl
  • Extra-large feed tube slices whole fruits and vegetables
  • One-piece Cuisinart Supreme feed tube
  • Stainless steel medium slicing disc (4mm)
  • Stainless steel shredding disc
  • Chopping/ mixing blade
  • Dough blade
  • Detachable disc stem
  • Spatula
  • Recipe/ Instruction book
  • How-to-DVD
  • All removable parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Limited 10-year motor warranty
  • Limited 3-year warranty
  • BPA Free

cuisinart prep 9

My food processor arrived a few weeks ago and I instantly removed it from the box and washed everything in the dishwasher.  Let me just say how completely awesome that is.  I have some other small appliances that I love dearly but not one single one of them is dishwasher safe.  Since I detest washing dishes as much as I dislike running into a spider web at night, this is a major selling point for me.

Then…. I just sat there… staring at my lovely new addition to my kitchen, trying to decide what in the world I should make first.  There were simply too many things I wanted to try!


I finally decided on frozen yogurt.  The funny thing is– I have an ice cream maker.  However, I have to get it out, find space in my freezer, and allow it to freeze for 24 hours before I use it.  That’s well and good, but what about those days when you’re craving some frozen yogurt?  Waiting 24 hours is simply not an option.

By making frozen strawberry yogurt in the food processor, I can have a tasty treat almost instantly.  The food processor does all of the work for me, with a generous 9 cup bowl and a super duper sharp chopping blade.  Then, I can throw everything in the dishwasher and move on to my next project…


… which happened to be homemade applesauce.  I am slightly obsessed with this new variety of apple I discovered– Koru.  This applesauce was just an excuse to find another way to consume them.  I added cinnamon because Raileigh enjoys it, but it could easily be omitted.  Just as with the frozen yogurt, the food processor makes quick work of the applesauce.  No boiling apples, no waiting a long time for it to be done.  Fresh, delicious applesauce is ready in minutes, thanks to the  Cuisinart Prep 9™ 9-Cup Food Processor.

Other time my food processor has come in handy so far– to puree peaches for fresh peach cupcakes, shred a ginormous amount of cheese for a dinner I was making, cut up zucchini and squash for a vegetable sautee, and blend ingredients together for a smoothie.  The best part is that I know I have only scratched the surface when it comes to the things this food processor can do.

Having seen firsthand all of the amazing things this appliance can do, I truly wish I had invested in a food processor years ago.

cuisinart win food processor

Are you functioning without a food processor just as I was at the beginning of summer?  Well, that’s going to end for one Wee Share reader.  Cuisinart has agreed to send one lucky winner a Mini-Prep Plus 4-Cup Food Processor!

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  1. Michelle McCulloch says:

    I like the ravioli stamp ..although i could probobly find 50 other things i want along with that lol

  2. Michelle McCulloch says:

    I like the ravioli stamp ..although i could probobly find 50 other things i want along with that lol

  3. Katherine Donovan says:

    I really like the 2-lb Bread Maker. Autumn is right around the corner. There’s nothing better than the smell (and taste) of homemade bread 🙂

  4. D Schmidt says:

    I visited the site and really like Buona Tazza™ Super Automatic Single Serve Espresso, Caffè Latte & Cappuccino Maker

  5. Amanda Leonardi says:

    I’m drooling over the Deluxe Convection Toaster Oven Broiler. I love toaster ovens in general, but this one is a dream come true!

  6. ginette4 says:

    What caught my eye was their
    Pure Indulgence™ 2 Qt. Frozen Yogurt-Sorbet & Ice Cream Maker
    Homemade ice cream!

  7. April Yedinak says:

    I would like to try their electric knife. I have wanted one for a while and I know Cuisinart is a good brand.

  8. Cheryl says:

    I have to say many caught my eye! But love this: Pure Indulgence™ 2 Qt. Frozen Yogurt-Sorbet & Ice Cream Maker .

  9. Margot C says:

    Oh they make the best machines, wouldn’t it be great to have their 2-lb Convection Bread Maker

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  11. Sue Hull says:

    I’d like to have the 2 Slice Extruded Aluminum Long-Slot Toaster. This would be perfect for my little space counter. Thank you 🙂

  12. Becky Greene says:

    I am interested in the Compact Deep Fryer – I would love to make onion rings every once in awhile with less mess!

  13. Christina says:

    The SmartPower™ 7-Speed Electronic Blender caught my eye… my blender broke tonight when I went to use it. So bummed lol

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