A Non-Traditional Birthday Celebration…

Happy 2nd Birthday Zax!

This is just a quick post for all you animal-lovers out there! {If you’re not an animal — or cat — lover… you’re probably just going to find this post strange}.

Today, August 28, is Zax’s 2nd birthday! So, we had a little celebration with one of his FAVORITE foods… tomatoes.

We figured that a tomato would be the perfect “cupcake” for his birthday celebration – because he has a very strange fascination with them. You see, if I leave a tomato out on the counter — Zax has knocked it off… taken a few bites… and batted it around the kitchen within a minute. So, I have to keep them hidden from him in order to keep him OFF of the counters and OUT of the tomatoes! I have NO IDEA why he loves them so much — but he does.

So — Happy 2nd Birthday, Zax!



  1. renee says:

    Tomatoes? Not a plate of Zaxby’s chicken? 🙂 I love the look on his face–“What is this stinky candle doing in my birthday tomato?!” He’s adorable!

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