This Back-to-School Season, Show Support for Boys and Girls Club

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Growing up, I was fortunate that there was always someone waiting for me when I got home from school.  My mom worked, but she always made sure that she or my grandmother was there waiting when I stepped off the bus every afternoon.  I just thought this was the norm.

However, I remember the day when I found out that every kid didn’t have someone to go home to.  I was in fifth grade {guess I stayed naive for quite a while} and a discussion had arose about what we’d be doing after school.  Most kids were talking about having a snack, watching television, or playing outside.  Then, one kid mentioned something about the Boys and Girls Club.

You see, both of his parents worked late every day and there was no one for him to go home to.  Instead of becoming a latch-key kid, he went to our local Boys and Girls Club.  At first, I thought it would be kind of like a daycare.  But, when he started explaining BGCA to us, I could tell that’s not what it was at all.  Sure, they offered a safe place for kids to go, but there was also organized activities, homework home, sports, loads of learning opportunities, and much more than I could have imagined.

I have to admit– it sounded pretty amazing.  While I would never want to give up having a family waiting for me each day when I got home, I was glad that my classmate had such a supportive and nurturing environment to “go home” to after school.


As the current Back-To-School season is upon us, I cannot help but thinking of this great organization and the positive impact they have on kids and our community.  The great news is that thanks to a new initiative at jcpenney, it’s easier than ever to support the efforts of the Boys and Girls Club.

The “jcpenney Cares Round Up Campaign” encourages shoppers to round up purchases to the next whole dollar amount.  The extra change you pay will be donated to support afterschool programs within the BGCA– every last cent of it!  This will only be available throughout July, so get that Back-to-School shopping done early and support a great cause.

To find out more information about all the Back-to School initiatives from the Boys and Girls Club, visit their website.  You can even play a game with an amazing prize– school supplies donated to a child within BGCA.  I played five or six times already today!

I invite you to connect with Boys and Girl Club to find even more ways to support this organization.