Plaid Kids Summer Craft– Perfectly Purplicious Stitchery {Tutorial}

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perfectly purple stitchery

Summer is winding down {or… if you’re like us… it’s technically already ended since school has begun}.  In an effort to make these last days as magical as possible, I’m trying to squeeze in some fun projects for me and my favorite little friend.  So, we added another creation to our growing list of Plaid Kids Crafts that we’ve been making over the past month.  It’s fun, easy, and like most the things we make… it has a story to tell.

For as long as Raileigh could talk, she has wanted to learn how to sew.  Perhaps that’s because she’s grown up around sewing machines, needles and thread, and bolts of fabric.  It’s only natural to want to create when you’re surrounded by things that encourage you to do so.  I’ve held off teaching her to sew.  What can I say– the thought of my young child with a sharp object simply scares me a bit.  However, though I am not ready to hand over my beloved machine to her, the time has come to teach her the basics.

That’s how this project came about.  Well… that, and a desire to have some completely unique and amazing things to hang up on these blank canvas walls in our new home.

I grabbed some basic supplies and over the course of a few sunny afternoons, we made something that Raileigh loves and that I will treasure forever.  These are in fact the first stitches to come from her hands, and I know it’s the only the beginning.

perfectly purplicious stitchery supplies

You’ll need:

  • Paint {I used Apple Barrel Neon Purple}
  • Mod Podge Extreme Glitter
  • Glo Away
  • Wooden Embroidery Hoop {mine was 8″}
  • Paintbrush
  • Needle
  • Fabric {I used Kona Snow}
  • Embroidery thread {I used a variegated purple from DMC}
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon

perfectly purplicious

We’re going to begin by painting the outer portion of the wooden hoop.  Start by removing the inner wooden circle from your embroidery hoop.  It doesn’t need to be painted, as it’s going to be hidden behind the fabric.  We chose our current favorite paint color– neon purple from Apple Barrel.  It’s bold and bright and it’s Raileigh’s absolute favorite color.  So, it will match a lot of the decor already in place in her play room, bedroom, and our craft room.

We used a 1″ foam brush to apply the paint.  After applying a coat of paint, you’ll want to let it dry.  You can then evaluate if it will need additional coats.  We actually put two coats of paint on our hoop.

When the paint has dried, we’re going to add some extra special touches on top of it.  Pull out the Glo Away– an awesome gel that goes on relatively clear and glows really really well in the dark.  Bonus: it’s washable, so if it happens to land somewhere it shouldn’t, you really don’t have to worry!


Raileigh added a very generous coat of Glo Away directly on top of the paint.  We only went with one coat, but I kind of wish we’d added a few more.  The glow it creates is simply amazing.  The Glo Away applies easily with a paintbrush and I found that it dried rather quickly as well.

When it’s completely dry, it’s time for Mod Podge Extreme Glitter.  Have you used this stuff yet?  Simply. Amazing.

This Mod Podge is every little sparkly princess’s dream.  Believe me.  You can’t really see a ton of glitter in the Mod Podge as you paint it on, but when it dries there is a ton of sparkle and glitter left behind.  It was absolutely the perfect finishing touch for our hoop.

mod podge extreme glitter

Once the Mod Podge dries {it takes no time at all}, it’s time to put our blank fabric in the hoop.  I used Kona Snow so that Raileigh would have a big white canvas to create with.  Put the fabric in the hoop and tighten it slightly.  Then pull the fabric as snug as possible before tightening the hoop the remainder of the way.  You can choose to trim the excess fabric now or wait until the end.  I recommend waiting, just in case the fabric slips in your hoop while you stitch.

I cut Raileigh a very long piece of the embroidery thread and told her she could stitch anything she wanted.  She wanted to make lines that did not cross or touch at all.  She made lines going in all direction in a variety of lengths and somehow managed to keep them from touching one single time.  I was impressed, since this is her first time doing something like this.

Once her stitching was complete, I added some ribbon and lace trim to the top.  I basically did it to cover up the ugly metal thing that tightens the hoop.  It’s not necessary to add the ribbon– we just liked how it looks.

Project complete.

perfectly purplicious stitchery

You now have a Perfectly Purplicious Stitchery that I know you will want to display proudly in your house.  This creation makes my heart smile and I know it’s one of those things that will become a treasured keepsake.

Is there a craft your child repeatedly asks to try or learn?  I encourage you to put all worry aside and give it a go.  You never know how they will handle it or how much they will love it until you try.

We’ve already got several more project in the work using our favorite Apple Barrel Neon Paints.  I cannot wait to share those with you as well.

In the meantime, make sure to connect with Plaid for even more fun Plaid Kids Craft ideas!



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