Our Trip to Daytona Beach, Florida: Cruisin’ Down the Beach

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This time last year, Kevin and I were in wedding mode – getting ready for our big day. Our wedding was absolutely PERFECT. We have had a fantastic year as husband and wife. For our one year anniversary, we wanted to go on vacation to celebrate the wonderful year that we spent together.

We ALSO wanted to go on a special vacation because this will be the last time we will go on a trip before our sweet Brooklynn arrives!

We talked about where we wanted to go for MONTHS – and finally decided Daytona Beach, Florida. Kevin came here a lot as a youngster — but I had never been to this travel destination before.

Today, we drove the 8+ hours from our house in Georgia all the way to Daytona Beach, Florida. We have only been here a few hours — and we are already having a blast! I decided that {although this is a Kevin-and-Angela trip}, I wanted to share all of the new things I am experiencing here in Daytona!

The very first thing that Kevin wanted me to experience was the beach. Now – you may be thinking I don’t understand… you’ve never been to the beach? Don’t misunderstand — I have been to the beach MANY times. Kevin wanted me to experience the beach Daytona Style.

Cruisin' on the beach

Kevin took me CRUISIN’ on the sand! I absolutely loved it. It was a [tad] bit nerve-racking because there were sections of the beach that people were running EVERYWHERE! {Confession: I am a horrible passenger seat driver. Sometimes I pretend to push the brake when I think Kevin should slow down by pushing my foot down as hard as I can on the floorboard.} We drove about three miles down the beach! It was great! 

After our drive down the beach, Kevin and I went back to our room and got ready to go out to eat at a restaurant that I had never been to before. Stay tuned to check out the restaurant we visited, our experience, and my thoughts!


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