Our Next Trip to Disney– Fueled by MasterCard #FuelFamilyFun #MC

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When it comes to planning a vacation, the question isn’t where we will go.  That’s a given– Walt Disney World.  The question is when we will go and how we will afford the trip.

Our love affair with Walt Disney World began when my husband and I honeymooned there almost nine years ago.  Neither of us had been since we were very young children, yet we somehow knew that it would be the perfect place to spend our first days as husband and wife.

However, our love of Disney truly blossomed when we welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world.  Her passion and knowledge of all things Disney grows daily and I am certain it will surpass me soon {if it hasn’t already}.

When it comes to getting away for vacation, the destination is always unanimous.  We’re fortunate that our family has traveled to Walt Disney World multiple times together, and we’ve certainly made memories that will last a lifetime.

Our most recent trip came just a few months ago, when we were able to take an extended two week trip in the midst of relocating from one state to another.  Each and every one of the details just fell into place– from the accommodations to our relocation dates to the finances– allowing us to enjoy a truly memorable time together.

However, let’s be real.  When you truly love Disney, you haven’t even returned home before you are planning your next adventure to the most magical place on Earth.

The thing is, though– trips to Disney cost money.  Usually quite a bit of money.  And, unfortunately that doesn’t actually seem to grow in trees.

So, in the midst of getting a new house and furnishing that house, we’ve began setting money aside for our next big vacation.  I am always looking for ways that we can do things a bit more frugally, whether it is clipping coupons to use on groceries or shopping around to find the absolute best deal on things that we need.  After all, the money that we save can help us to achieve our vacation goals even sooner.

Recently, I found a new way to save and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  I am doing what I was already doing but now I am going to fuel family fun with the Fuel Rewards Network and MasterCard.

Let me explain.

The Fuel Rewards Network is this awesome FREE savings card that enables you to save money on something we all buy frequently– fuel!  However, what I love best about it is how you generate the savings.

I started by visiting the Fuel Rewards Network and signing up.  The process was incredibly simple and it might have taken be a grand total of a minute to do.  After signing up, I was able to link the cards I use most, such as my MasterCard and my grocery loyalty cards.

My MasterCard is the only credit card I keep in my wallet and I use it for absolutely everything.  There are many benefits to linking your card with your Fuel Rewards Network account and doing so will certainly help to generate the fuel savings even quicker.

However, I want to expound upon my favorite reason to link the card– grocery rewards.  I visited one of the grocery stores participating in the network– Bi-Lo.  Winn-Dixie, HyVee, and others are also taking part.  By doing my grocery shopping as normal, I was able to accumulate points towards fuel savings.  Yes– you read that right.  I didn’t have to make any changes at all.  I simply went grocery shopping.  I paid with my MasterCard credit card, signed my name as normal, and voila– I received the MasterCard Grocery Bonus in my Fuel Rewards Network account.

While shopping, I did notice that some items in the store were eligible for even more bonus Fuel Rewards Network points.  For example, my favorite brand of sugar was on sale for a great price.  Plus, for each bag I purchased, I got an additional “3 cents off per gallon” of fuel savings added to my account.

It was awesome.  I love that I can save money and help to reach our vacation goals without any extra effort at all.  This has to be the best way to save ever.

I have always loved my MasterCard and now I have another reason to love it even more.  MasterCard powered our trip to Disney this past May– every last aspect of it.  The card was never declined, never turned down.  It was always there for us, through every meal, souvenir, and hotel stay.

It’s nice to know that not only is MasterCard going to power our next trip to Walt Disney World, but they are going to help us save and get there as well.

What journey will you take with your gas rewards and MasterCard?

I invite you to connect with MasterCard to discover the many ways this card can work for you: