Our AWESOME New Sign from BuildASign {+ a Giveaway}

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When we lived in South Carolina, our walls were full of special memories and unique wall decor.  Our house was relatively small, so I even had pictures put away in the hall closet because we simply didn’t have the wall space to accommodate them.

Our new house is significantly bigger than the one we moved from– approximately 1.5 times bigger!  Not only do we have more floor space, but we have a lot more wall space than we used to.  In fact, we’ve hung almost every single one of our pictures and some areas of our home still look quite blank.

I’ve been printing pictures, making wall hangings, and searching for unique decor that is truly us.  There are several areas of our home that need the most attention, and each has it’s own sense of style.  I am being selectively picky and only choosing things that we really, really love.

That’s what’s so great about BuildASign.  You can create a completely customized sign, tailored to your unique tastes, in a matter of minutes.


They have a broad range of signs from vinyl banners and yard signs to street signs and customized license plates.  You can purchase signs that are pre-designed or customize them to make them an original.

The two areas of our home that are still the most “under construction” are my husband’s areas– his office and our garage.  These are the only two areas that still have boxes and also the only two areas that have virtually no decor.  He’s been working so hard to help me get the rest of the house functioning well, plus working his job and getting his new store up and running, that these areas have just been neglected.

So, to get him started towards getting these areas completed, he designed a custom sign at BuildASign.  I have to admit– choosing what to customize took longer than actually creating our sign and ordering it.  We went back and forth between street signs, parking signs, and safety signs.

In the end, he decided to use the sign maker and create a customized “In Case of Fire” sign.  Normally, the sign would read “In Case of Fire, Use Stairs”.  However, he modified the sign to read “In Case of Fire, make Smores”.  We are in no way demeaning the tragedy of a fire.  Instead, we’re paying homage to a pastime that we love– camping and making s’mores.


The sign arrived so incredibly well packaged.  BuildASign shipped it so as to ensure nothing would happen to it during transport.  Our sign is made from aluminum, though other options such as corrugated plastic and reflective aluminum are available.  The aluminum feels quite sturdy without being overly heavy.

The printing on the sign is incredible as well.  It’s pristine and precise.  Everything looks just as it did when we viewed a proof of our creation prior to ordering.

Now the big question is where will be hang the sign?

It’s a toss up between over the desk in Darren’s office and beside our rack of camping gear in the garage.  Either way, I know it’s going to look amazing, no matter where we choose to hang it!

In addition to signs, BuildASign actually offers magnets, banner maker, bumper stickers, decals, and more, which I encourage you to check out as well.

It’s time for you to see for yourself how wonderful these products are.  The winner actually gets to choose their prize.  Here are the options:

– An 8″x10″ Canvas Photo Prints From Easy Canvas Prints

– A $25 BuildASign.com Gift Card

– A $25 Gift Card for Custom T-Shirts from Allied Shirts

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