New Things To Come at Walt Disney World Resort


Saying that the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration was magical just seems like an understatement.

But… since there seems to be no other word to describe the experience I will just tell you that it was indeed one of the most magical experiences of my life.

Our conference day opened with remarks from the President of Walt Disney World Resort, George Kalogridis.  This is a fairly new role for him, as he took over the post on February 1.  However, since George Kalogridis is a 41 year veteran of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, I think it’s safe to assume he’s right at home in the most magical place on Earth.

While this opening speaker wouldn’t be classified as motivational, like many of the other speakers we heard during our time at Disney, I think he might have been my favorite to listen to.

George Kalogridis gave us a lot of insight as to what’s to come at Walt Disney World Resort.  As a true, self-professed Disney fanatic, all this news and updates kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.  In fact, when he was done speaking, I was a bit sad.  I think I could have listened to him all day long!

I wanted to share some of this excitement with you and let you know what you have to look forward to at Walt Disney World!

  • Princess Fairytale Hall Opening This Fall

    This is a new area that is being constructed behind Cinderella’s Castle.  It will serve as a place to meet all your favorite princesses up close.  Princess Fairytale Hall is scheduled to open in time for holiday travel.

  • Festival of Fantasy Parade Begins Spring 2014

    My family is smitten with parades, especially my little girl.  During our time at Walt Disney World, we’ll often watch the same parade numerous times simply because my daughter cannot get enough.  In the Spring of 2014, the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade at Walt Disney World will be replaced by the Festival of Fantasy Parade.  You can look forward to new music, new costumes, and new floats featuring both classic and modern characters.

  • New Avatar Land in Animal Kingdom

    Though I had heard rumors of an all-new land in Animal Kingdom, this was a confirmation.  Disney is actually working with James Cameron to develop an all-new land based on the movie Avatar.

  • Downtown Disney is Going to Become Disney Springs

    This is something I was already aware of, but was excited to get more details about.  The transformation to Disney Springs is going to mean double the shopping, entertainment, and dining options.  It’s also going to mean a lot more parking, which is what I am actually the most excited about!

  • More Interactive Queues

    You’ll notice more of the interactive queues popping up around Disney World.  In fact, when you’re waiting to ride the Dumbo ride, it doesn’t feel like you’re waiting in line at all.  Queues like this are planned at other attractions around Walt Disney World, in hopes of making even your wait time a little more magical.

  • Fastpass +

    Now, we all love Fastpass and the reduced wait times that come along with it.  However, Fastpass+ is taking that a step further.  With Fastpass+, you’re going to be able to reserve Fastpasses for your entire party before ever leaving home.  You’ll be able reserve spots for rides, character meet & greets, and even prime viewing spots at a parade!  This will enable families to experience more and keep you from walking all over the park simply to collect the needed Fastpass.

  • More Attractions will Feature Fastpass

    To coincide with the Fastpass+, the Fastpass option is going to be added to a lot more attractions.  In fact, the number of attractions set to feature Fastpass is going to double!  You’ll find that more rides, experiences, and character greeting opportunities will feature Fastpass.

  • Magic Band

    This is one of the things I am most looking forward to at Walt Disney World Resort.  The Magic Band is truly your key to unlock the magic.  It will contain your room key, park tickets, Fastpass tickets, Photopass information, and credit card.  The Magic Band will eliminate the need for multiple cards and make it easier than ever to enjoy the magic.

As you can see there are many exciting things on the horizon for Walt Disney World Resort.  What are you most excited about?