Motor Oil Matters- Maintenance is the Key to Travel Breakdowns

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This summer as you head out on grand adventures with your family, it is important to spend time thinking about your vehicle before you hit the road.  Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, AAA expects to assist over 8 million motorists.  I know that I don’t want to be one of those stranded motorists and I am certain neither do you.

The key to keeping your car in top working order is maintenance and ensuring that top quality motor oil is being used in your vehicle.

Motor Oil Matters {also known as MOM} is a new consumer education and industry watchdog program from the American Petroleum Institute.  MOM was created to stress the benefits of quality licensed motor oils and call those out who engage in deceptive practices.  In short, they want to help us keep our cars running well and avoid future problems and issues.

To help educate us consumers in the matter of motor oil and vehicle maintenance, they have created a checklist for us to take along on our next routine oil change.  It provides easy to follow tips to ensure we are doing what is best to keep our vehicle in top running order.


I encourage you to print this out and take it along next time you head out for an oil change.  Speaking of which– when was the oil last changed in your car?

To help with that next oil change, I have a $50 gift card to send to one very lucky reader!

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  1. June Lisle says:

    I learned from the check list that you should keep and review your receipt after an oil change to make sure the company used the oil you requested.

  2. Aimee Marie says:

    I learned you should get a receipt & check it over to make sure you got the oil your vehicle needs

  3. cassie says:

    it’s important to have a clean filter every time you change your oil (or get it changed)

  4. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I learned that you should change your filter regularly as well as changing your oil

  5. Lisa Brown says:

    I learned to be sure to get the right oil for your car and to get a filter change at the same time.

  6. christine jessamine says:

    I learned its good to always check the receipt to make sure its the oil you requested

  7. Olivia Rubin says:

    To wrote down the mileage and date of oil and change so I can routinely have oil and filter changed on time

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