Listen On the Go with the G-GO Speaker from G-Project {Review}

G-Project Disclosure g-go-wireless-speakerBefore we moved from South Carolina, we drastically downsized.  By drastically I mean that we got rid of over half of our belongings.  Some things, we sold or gave to friends and neighbors.  The rest was part of a ginormous garage sale that we held a few weekends before we left.  If it was in the garage sale and it didn’t sell, we still didn’t bring it back into our house.

To be honest, it’s been quite refreshing to look around and see less stuff in our new house.  It’s easier to clean, easier to maintain, and much much easier to find exactly what I am looking for.  And– the best part is that I have yet to miss one single thing that I let go of.

For the most part, Darren is on the same page, enjoying a life with less.  However, he has really missed one thing that he left behind with a co-worker– a portable speaker.  Darren’s life revolves around music, especially when he’s working or riding in the car.  Music helps to motivate and keep him going.  At his job, he could use the portable speaker to broadcast music from his phone while they got ready for the store to open in the morning, unpacked shipments, or prepare the deposit.

Because he left the speaker behind for those staying at his old store, he didn’t have a way to play music in his new store.

g-go-from-g-projectThat’s where G-Project comes in.  This California-based company is dedicated to evolving speakers and accessories for smart devices to be rugged and real-world ready.  They build their products to be durable, portable, and deliver excellent sound quality.  The moment I heard about G-Project, I knew that we had found a great candidate to replace Darren’s old portable speaker.

We’ve been testing out several of their products, and today I am going to tell you about the one that quickly found a permanent home at Darren’s new store.

Meet the G-GO. Wherever you go, G-GO can go too: the beach, the game, camping, poolside, backyard and beyond… even into the shower when you get home. G-GO is a ruggedized, water-resistant, Bluetooth wireless speaker to play out loud on-the-go.

When Darren saw the new speaker, his first response was “oh wow! It looks really cool!”.  The G-GO is certainly easy on the eyes.  It has a sleek, modern design that makes it stand out from the boring, boxy designs we’re used to seeing.  It currently comes in three colors- black, blue, and white.

The G-GO actually features two ways to stream– wirelessly or by using a 3.5mm line in cable.  Oh– and it can charge your devices as well, using the USB charging port.  It runs on four AA batteries that last for approximately 8 hours of listening.  If you happen to be near a plug-in, you can also use an AC adapter to power the G-GO.

The first day Darren and his staff got to be in their store the G-GO was there, too.  The store wasn’t completely finished yet.  In fact, the contractor hadn’t released the site to them.  There where shelves being installed, hundreds of boxes being delivered and unpacked.  It was definitely the ideal home for a rugged portable speaker!


Darren was able to easily connect his iPhone 5, stream his favorite music app wirelessly through the G-GO, and provide musical entertainment for everyone the entire day.  The speaker offered a strong, clear sound that never skipped or missed a beat.  Even when the rain started pouring down {as it has every. last. day. this summer}, the G-GO kept on playing.  Yes– that water-resistant feature certainly came in useful.

Needless to say, the G-GO never made it back home.  It’s found a permanent home at Darren’s new store, where he and his entire staff can enjoy rich audio listening experience every day of the week.

The G-GO has preformed high above our expectations.  Darren has even told me that he likes this portable speaker far better than the one he left behind in South Carolina.  Plus, with a price tag of $69.99, it costs far less too.

I invite you to check out G-Project and their extensive line of speakers and apparel {coming soon!}.  I am certain you will be just as impressed as we are.