I’m Going Back to School Shopping at Tanger Outlets! {SUPER Coupon}

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Let me just say– back to school has completely snuck up on me.  Maybe it was our move, maybe it’s the complete inability to adjust to any sort of schedule in our new house.

Whatever it is… it’s caused school to just creep up on me.

This is actually our first year of school.  It’s a day I have been dreaming about for years.  Literally.  Ever since I was completing my student teaching seven years ago, I knew that one day I wanted to homeschool my own children.  Yes– for those of you doing the math, that was well before I actually had a child.

When I gave birth to my daughter, that desire grew stronger than ever.  Fortunately, after attending a private preschool outside the home for a short while, it’s something that my little one wants to do as well.

We actually started school this past Monday!  I know that it’s only July and a lot of you don’t even think about school until after Labor Day.  The thing is, I am aiming to complete our mandatory school time in late April and spend the summer months doing some super-focused, in depth study about whatever Raileigh wants to learn.  It will probably center around science or reading… or science and reading.  Regardless, I wanted to get started early and finish early,  Plus, Raileigh has been chomping at the bit to start school.  And– who am I to say no to a child who wants to do nothing but learn?

I have spent months pouring over curriculum options and choosing what I think will be the best options for her.  I am actually quite excited about everything we’ve chosen and it seems that she is as well.

The night before we began school, Raileigh told me that she wanted to dress up and look nice for her first day of homeschool.

It hit me– I hadn’t even thought about what she would wear to school.  I mean, we’re having school at home.  I figured that she would wear whatever was clean!

Then I remembered those really fun back to school shopping trips that my mom used to take me on.  I got to pick out a few new outfits, some new shoes, and get some new school supplies.  It seriously made me feel like a million bucks.

That’s when I decided that even if we are homeschooling, I want to take Raileigh back to school shopping.  I want her to know what it feels like to start the school year with some new clothes that she really loves.  That being said– we are a one income family and our little shopping excursion can’t cost a fortune.


That’s why I am heading to Tanger Outlets!

I’ve actually been shopping at Tanger Outlets since long before I had Raileigh.  So, I know firsthand that you can get some truly amazing deals here.  I’ve picked up clothing for next to nothing– $1 for tank tops, $5 for a new purse, $10 for some new jeans.  I’m pretty sure I simply must have hit the clearance rack at just the right time.  But– the prices are always really good overall.

Plus, Tanger Factory Outlet Centers is celebrating the start of the Back to School shopping season with the launch of the Fall TangerSTYLE Studio. In today’s busy world we like to have access to what we want and FAST! Now Tanger has many ways to get connected, stay connected and get some great outlet deals at home or on the go. Tanger Outlet Shoppers can access the TangerSTYLE Studio on the company’s website (tangeroutlet.com), mobile and tablet website, and social channels to preview Tanger Outlet Centers’ online lookbook featuring the hottest fall trends.

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  1. cassie says:

    i’ve wanted to head over to our tanger outlets for a long time now! it’s a 45 minute drive but i think it’ll be worth it 🙂 they always send us coupons

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